The Queen vs. The Defendant

Cases tagged as Child Pornography

Cases in 2021

  • R. v. R.D.2021

    The client was charged with one count of possession of child pornography and one count of accessing child pornography. This was a unique case where there were other circumstances that made it so that there were concerns on my part that this would not be a case that was in the public interest for a prosecutor to prosecute. I was able to work with the client to help him to help me negotiate with the crown. I was able to have all of the  charges dropped (no conviction and no criminal record).

  • R. v. R.D.2021

    The client was under investigation for a possible criminal charge for possession of child pornography. I provided legal advice to the client. Ultimately, the police did not charge the client so there was no conviction or criminal record.

Cases in 2018

  • R. v. J.F.2018

    The client was charged with making, possessing, and accessing child pornography, invitation to sexual touching, transmitting sexually explicit material to a minor, and communicating with a minor to facilitate the making of child pornography and to facilitate an invitation to sexual touching. After lengthy discussions with the crown, they were convinced to withdraw the charge and to allow the client to enter into a one-year common law peace bond.

  • R. v. R.J.2018

    The client was charged with distributing, possessing and accessing child pornography. A guilty plea was entered to the possession charge, and the other charges were withdrawn. I negotiated a significantly reduced sentence with the crown, on the basis of my client's early guilty plea, and on the basis of extensive counselling the client had undertaken. Wherein the client would have incurred a much lengthier sentence, the client was instead sentenced to six months in jail, followed by two years probation with conditions.

  • R. v. A.R.2018

    The client was charged with making sexually explicit material available to a child, accessing, possessing, and making child pornography, invitation to sexual touching, and child luring under 18 and under 16. I engaged in lengthy discussions with the crown with a view to resolving the matter by way of a peace bond. The crown agreed, and the charges were withdrawn, the client thus avoiding a penitentiary jail sentence.

Cases in 2016

  • R. v. J.B.2016

    The client was charged with luring (over the internet) of a young person, as well as possession of child pornography. Ms. Karpa worked with the client to ensure that they had done all that was necessary in order for Ms. Karpa to be able to negotiate the matter with the crown to avoid jail for the client. Not only did Ms. Karpa ensure that the client did not go to jail, but she also secured a withdrawal of the charges based on the client entering into a peace bond. No conviction entered.

  • R. v. G.B.2016

    The client was charged with luring, possession of child pornography, and sexual interference with a minor and sexual assault. All of the charges against the client were withdrawn by the crown based upon the work Ms. Karpa did for the client.

Cases in 2015

  • R. v. J.B.2015

    The client was charged with luring and child pornography related offences. Ms. Karpa worked extensively and convinced the Crown to agree to withdraw the charges. No conviction. No criminal record.