The Queen vs. The Defendant

Cases tagged as Child Luring

Cases in 2024

  • R. v. A.S.2024

    The client was charged with importation of child pornography and possession of child pornography. These are very serious charges. I was able to negotiate a resolution with the prosecutor for a specialized peace bond. The client entered into the court order (peace bond) and both charges were withdrawn. This left the client without a conviction and without facing jail time.

Cases in 2023

  • R. v. J.K.2023

    The client was charged with luring a child, sexual assault and obtaining sexual services for consideration. The alleged complainant was under the age of 16. The client was at risk of a conviction and a significant jail sentence of convicted. The client elected to have their matter proceed with a preliminary inquiry at Provincial Court and a date was set for the same. The client and I worked extensively in preparation for the preliminary inquiry. During my preparations, I had discussions with the prosecutor as to how the preliminary inquiry would proceed. After those discussions it became clear that the complaiant was likely not going to appear at the preliminary inquiry. They did not appear, and the prosecutor agreed to stay the charge i.e. drop the charge. This left the client without a conviction and without a criminal record for very serious sexual offences.