Susan, was amazing from our initial conversation to the final decision from the crown for a full withdrawal!!
She was very relaxing, confident, professional!
If you need a lawyer to be with you in a difficult situation, that is there without judgment. Susan Karpa is your best choice! She does her research and understands the uncomfortable situations.

Thank you so much for all of your help. A weight has been lifted. Your services were more than amazing. Thank you, Susan.

Susan, I would like to extend my warmest thanks and appreciation to you for helping me out with my matter. Your work was exceptional and for that I am very grateful. You have made my stressful situation manageable and as worry free as could be possible. Great job!!

I want to thank you once again for working so diligently and professionally on my behalf.

Thank you so much for assisting me through this difficult process. Your internet advertising really works, as that is how I found you.

Thank you very much for the outstanding work.

Once again thank you so much, this means the world to me.

Thank you for all that you have done. You have been a pleasure to deal with and have been very helpful in helping me to understand what was going on and how best to resolve it all. I would and will recommend your services to anyone that asks.

I appreciate all your help and professionalism. Once again, thank you for all your services.

Got responded promptly and advised thoroughly about the processes and outcomes that helped me decide the course.

Thank you very much for all the hard work and information regarding my case! I also just wanted to say you handled everything very well and without a hesitation. I will recommend you to friends and family!

Susan's confidence and radiant charisma and persistent drive in standing true to the representation of my mate's case was incredible to experience. She firmly believed in my mate's truth and, through their dynamic of one year, took the time to do extensive research in finding a way to support my brother and providing the best possible outcome. It was a sensitive case that, through presumptuous thinking, can result in unfavourable outcomes, which can make for unease. But on the court date, she walked up like a ball of radiant sunshine, super confident, and really extended the faith to everyone. And we witnessed a beautiful, magical, outcome, with the highest favour to my mate! And this was due to Susan's awesome determination to victory; to justice! She's incredible and I would recommend her to anyone looking for justice!

Thanks for everything Susan. I am really looking forward to the second have of my (sober) life.

The moment I met Susan Karpa, I knew I was in good hands. She was of great support, and she helped me understand the process from beginning to end. She offered an excellent billing rate, went to all my court dates, got me in contact with other services and was always quick to respond to my emails and calls. My legal issue was resolved painlessly, and thanks to Susan, I was able to get everything withdrawn. I know that if I ever have any other problems, I'll come back to her!

She handled my matter very well she was super clear with what was going on and made sure I was never confused. She definitely went above and beyond to help me out.10/10 would recommend

It is difficult to place into words my feelings, regarding my experience with Ms. Karpa. I met Susan well into a devastating criminal matter, I only wish I had met her and contacted her earlier. It really matters who represents you I switched representation about half way through my two year matter. I truly felt as if a friend was working in my behalf, but not only did she care about my case and family, Susan was a professional in every sense of the word. Her expertness and experience literally has changed the very course of my life. I owe her a debt of gratitude for the time and energy she spent going above and beyond that of typical lawyers. During a prelim hearing my wife recalls hearing the prosecutions lawyer say something like “wow she is very well prepared for this”. Susan was amazing in court, watching her work was akin to watching a artist deftly place each stroke with her brush creating a masterpiece personal to me and my family. I could not be happier with the outcome of my matter as I faced three extremely serious charges with up to ten years of imprisionment affixed which she through her mastery of criminal law was able to have all charges dropped via a 6 month peace bond. Only a few people can truly understand the overwhelming relief of such an outcome at the hands of Susan Karpa. I wish her the best throughout the rest of her career. If you are tossing between two lawyers as I did I hope you make the right choice first in selecting Ms. Karpa and her team to represent you.

was falsely accused of a very serious crime and have never been in trouble with the law before. This was a very nerve wracking experience for myself and my family. Susan was very empathetic and walked me through the entire process to make it less stressful. You could tell this was her job and she was calm and went about it in a systematic manner.
The only part I regret is I didn't get to enjoy seeing her in front of the judge/jury because the court put a stay of proceedings on the trial. I am confident it would of been fun to watch her pick the accuser's evidence apart. If you need a criminal lawyer you cannot go wrong with Susan. Thanks again Susan!

Susan Karpa did an outstanding job representing my case. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. She was always available to answer emails and phone calls. I highly recommend her to anyone in need, the cost was fair and affordable. Thank you for everything!

Susan Karpa was a beacon of hope to me at one of the darkest times in my life, when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was she able to defend me from an unjust accusation, her calm and empathetic demeanour offered emotional support to myself. I spent over a year and a half working with Susan and she was well and truly there every step of the way for me through two different cases. From the very first moment I met her she was professional and walked me through every step of the way. This was of high importance to me as I am not from this country and did not understand the law and processes here as well as my home country. Susan also introduced another person to support me in the trial which was a pleasure to deal with. I am eternally grateful for her service and I VERY highly recommend Susan without reservation.

My husband and I, hired Susan when our teen was in a car accident where another passenger sustained life altering injuries. Our teen had been charged on 2 different counts, as the driver. This being our first brush with the system, we were extremely stressed out over the aftermath of the accident and the entire "criminal" process of being charged, obtaining a lawyer and going to court. Susan quickly put us at ease. She understood that while this might be easy peasy for her and nothing to worry, too much about...it was huge deal for our family. We had the option of taking a plea or fighting it in court. We asked her "What would you do, if this was your teen?" She didn't hesitate, she said she'd fight it, because she thinks we can win.....She took us through what would happen should we get a Guilty verdict, and what would happen with a Not Guilty verdict. Today, after a year of prep work, a week of court time and 8 weeks of waiting, we got the "Not Guilty" verdict that Susan had fought hard to obtain. We simply cannot say enough positive things about our experience with her. She is worth everything we paid her. She is a very professional, and charming woman. She coached us all, on the do's and don'ts of court room etiquette. She returned messages/emails in a prompt time frame as well. We had supporters in court who asked us "Where did you find her? Shes fabulous! "We agree....she is. I hope we never have need of a Criminal Lawyer again, but if we do, Susan Karpa will be our first choice of Lawyer.

When you're dealing with a life altering criminal charge you need Susan Karpa as your first and only choice for a criminal defence lawyer. Susan is extremely knowledgeable and always professional, while taking the appropriate amount of time to explain in detail what the process to handle your case. No matter what my question or concern as she knew how to alleviate these with a prompt reply. I highly recommend Susan for anyone who needs a criminal lawyer. Thank You Susan

After speaking with several criminal defense lawyers, I decided to go with Susan and I made no mistake in my decision. If you want someone who actually cares and listens, who responds to your calls, emails, messages the same day or within the next day, someone who will actually fight for you and give you advice, I would 100% recommend her. She goes above and beyond. She did everything in her power to get the best deal for what I was facing and she succeeded. I am forever grateful for having her as my lawyer. Thank you Susan.

Susan Karpa made a positive outcome for me. Authentic and personal. I am forever grateful of how she helped me and my family surpassed the challenge and got matter resolved to what we are trying to achieve. I highly recommend Susan Karpa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Susan took care of my care professionally and she took the extra time to communicate everything needed with me.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need.

Top notch work! I highly recommend Susan and her team!

I owe my freedom to Susan Karpa and her team, she spent 2 and a half years fighting for me and the day before my birthday, I was found not guilty. She has given me the best birthday present ever, she gave me my future back when it all seemed so hopeless. Not only did she do everything in her power to clear my name, she was there for me whenever I had questions or concerns and always made me feel like my life was important to her. There is no one in the world I would recommend more to have on your side when it comes to your freedom. I am forever thankful to this woman and her amazing team, thank you Susan.

Susan is one of Calgary's best lawyer, she exceeded my expectations. i'd highly recommended her service if your looking for results.

I would say that Madam Susan Karpa is one of the Top and Best Criminal Lawyer in Canada. We should be proud that we have someone like Susan Karpa as a defense Lawyer.
I am extremely happy and very Thankful to Susan Karpa, and it was only due to her skills, knowledge, experience and charismatic personality and high energy, that my case has been completely withdrawn and thrown out of the courts. I am very very happy that at last, I got Justice Because there was always a very strong voice for me and a very strong personality standing between the Law and me and who always fought for me and succeeded 100%.
She always saved me from going to Court and I didn't go to Court even once, which was Great.
If you take help from Susan Karpa I guarantee that She will always exceeds your expectations. I would highly recommend her services to everyone including my family, friends and relatives forever.
In the end I would say, Thank you very much Madam Susan Karpa the Best, for your hard work, honesty, sincere support, your energy, intelligence and time.
Best Regards

Susan is the best lawyer in Calgary hands down!!!!!! She has been my lawyer since last year and the charges laid against me were very overwhelming and mentally draining. But thanks to Susan and her determination to win and always being ready to defend her clients no matter what the charges. The outcome of the case turned into a positive one and Like Redemption Interlude on Kendrick Lamar Black Panther Album, Thanks to her I still have time to turn it around.

Susan did an outstanding job on my behalf.
My matter was resolved to my benefit and done very quickly.
Recommend Susan Karpa 100%

Thank you Susan Karpa

Susan was able to get my charges dropped and left me with a clean criminal record, significantly faster than I had expected. If I ever have any legal troubles again I know who to call. And who to recommend to anyone in need of legal defense.

Susan you are the best. I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate that I was able to get all 11 of my charges dropped and to pay such a small fine on my other two. Best lawyer ever. Will recommend to everyone. Thanks again.

Susan has returned the happiness to our home. We will always remember her as a great professional and a good person.
Thank you very much!

Me and my whole family is very thankful to Atty Susan for helping us and extending to us the experience which is really beyond our expectation. She knew more people in and out of the circle that made her so reliable and trustworthy keeping us at peace and comfortable knowing that she would get out of her way to get the job done. She is very knowledgeable and helpful as long as you stay honest to her.I don't have that much but she made ways to help us anyway.

This is my second time having Susan represent me. When I was arrested, I called her immediately. I had such a good experience with her before that I didn't even consider talking to another lawyer. From the start, Susan set out a strategic plan and gave me a detailed list of tasks that positioned us in the best way possible. Through her hard work and expertise, Susan was able to have all charges against me dropped, resulting in no conviction and a clean criminal record. This was the same outcome we had with the previous (unrelated) case! I highly recommend Susan Karpa for representation - all of my friends now have her number saved in their phones "Just in case". I truly appreciate the straight up, direct approach she takes. I fully trust her process and her expertise.

The service that Susan provided far exceeded my expectations. I can't even put to words how much gratitude I have for her. Susan is a very genuine, charismatic, hardworking and talented lawyer. I made the best decision in hiring her. I found that reviews were very telling and helped me make my decision as to which lawyer to hire, so I will share my story to hopefully help someone in a similar situation find and hire an amazing lawyer. I certainly didn't expect to have to hire a criminal lawyer in my lifetime, but was charged with impaired driving and started researching and reaching out to lawyers. Susan immediately called me (on a Sunday) and talked me through the charges and informed me of the legal process and steps that I would need to take. I instantly felt comfortable with Susan as her kindness came across. Throughout the process, Susan was always available and kept me well informed of the progress. Susan was very open with me about my chances should I decide to proceed with trial (they were slim), I appreciated her straight forwardness and felt like she wasn't in the business for the money. I did decide to go to trial and while there wasn't much of a chance of a positive outcome, somehow Susan was able to get me a plea deal and all charges were dropped. Even if the outcome had ended up differently, I would still hire her and would refer her to anyone in need of a lawyer. My deepest thanks to Susan and her team for getting me through this difficult time.

Susan was a pleasure to deal with. She was very personable and professional. Her and her assistant were available to me anytime I had questions or concerns involving my charges. Susan had resolved my matter in a quick manner, assuring me along the way and keeping me informed on the process throughout. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone in need of a lawyer. She is absolutely the best!

Right from our first phone call, Ms Karpa set my mind at ease. She was very professional and empathetic and kept us informed of every detail. Can not thank her enough

Susan is by far one of the most hard working people I have ever met in my life The way I found her was people in my holding cell actually telling me she is one of the best lawyers in Calgary whether you were paying her or using legal aid makes no difference to Susan she will fight for you until her last breath is how I felt when she was defending me nervous at first but hearing her speak gave me confidence I read her reviews there wasn’t anything I found that was a case like mine and I was charged with drug trafficking and two other charges we lost the main battle we were going for but with Susan‘s quick thinking and having a plan A-Z she was able to convince the judge of lack of evidence on all three charges which seems like a magic trick because things like that normally don’t happen in real life. I was looking at 3 years at least! I recommend her to everyone any case you’re going through Susan is more than capable I’ve had a case where the lawyer did not even remember my name it was Hersh wolch student I wasted my money. Susan kept me in the loop with everything and very honest in my opinion she is the best lawyer in Calgary man or woman, we did not have a leg to stand on but came out with everything dropped. Thank you so much, Susan!

Since the moment I met Susan I knew I was in good hands. She was definitely of great support, she helped me understand the process since the beginning. With an excellent rate she went to all my court dates, got me into contact with other services and was always quick to respond to my emails or calls. My issue was resolved painlessly, and thanks to Susan I was able to get everything withdrawn. I know that if I ever have any other issues I'll come back to her.

“Susan was a great help to me with my matter. She was very professional, and always answered my calls, even on holidays. In the end, one day Susan called me to give me the good news that she got my matter withdrawn! The charge was dropped. I was very pleased with the result. It was a pleasure working with Susan. I would recommend her to anyone.”

My experience with Susan and her staff (Jenna) was amazing in handling my case that happened 9 months ago. Susan is very professional and possess thorough knowledge in what she does. I not only recommend lawyer Susan the best, but I guarantee once you have used her service you too will look no further. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Susan for representing me in this case. I would not have made it through if it wasn't for her.

Susan Karpa is professional, driven and EXCELLENT at what she does. She listens to you, takes notes, & is equipped with extensive research, wit & knowledge to defend you. I found Susan to be trustworthy, reliable and charismatic. Her positive energy, empathy & belief in you will for sure pick you up in unfavourable times. Although communication (email, phone calls) were a bit scattered at first, Susan remains consistent & respectful with her communication & response times with you. I would HIGHLY recommend Susan to anyone. She's more than qualified.

After a year- long and extremely sensitive case regarding a relative, I've watched that relative change, mature and grow more confidence in themselves with the help of Susan's council. It also helped that the case ended harmoniously with Susan's defence. Thank you so much for your help!!!

I was facing an assault charge to which I had no experience dealing with the law or courts in my entire life! After appearing in court a few times, I contacted 3 lawyers, Susan Karpa was on holidays. She called me the very next day! She made the whole process very easy and comfortable. Susan is very professional and an exceptional lawyer to which she had my charge dropped and no criminal record!
I would highly recommend her services!

Working with Susan Karpa has been a privilege. She was always on top of my case and willing to give me the best advice not only legal but even personal at any needed time. Highly recommend her as your next attorney.

Thanks to Susan my court case closed earlier than I expected and dropped all my charges. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have a lawyer like Susan.

I love Susan

I was devastated after a poor judgement call by the Calgary Police Service left me with a serious criminal charge. I interviewed two other high profile firms in Calgary before speaking with Susan Karpa. Susan immediately gave me the confidence I needed to make the decision to retain her services - and am I ever glad that I did! Susan was always available to answer any questions that I had, and most importantly she kept me informed of every development in my case. From the very beginning, Susan laid out a strategy of action that would lead us to a favorable outcome. I followed her guidance every step of the way and in the end had my charges completely withdrawn. I really can not think of anything else I would have asked for in a lawyer. If I ever find myself in need of legal representation again, Susan Karpa will be my first and only call. I am recommending her to all of my friends and family. This is a lawyer whose number you always want to have saved in your phone just in case something happens. Thank you Susan - your representation truly saved my career and my reputation.

Susan went above and beyond. From the initial inquiry sent to her page to the end result all calls and emails were replied to very quickly and often over the weekend as well. Her past experience with cases was felt throughout the process and at no point were there exaggerated claims of potential results just to garner business.

I could never of gone about this on my own. Susan was honest and very helpful, compassionate towards my case. Especially when I contacted her firstly on a Sunday afternoon.
She explained things to me very well and was there when I needed answers. I am very happy with my choice to obtain her services and I would recommend anyone to go with her as your lawyer. The biggest thing for me was trust and she has mine fully. Thank you Susan.

I highly recommend Susan, my matter was withdrawn in less than a month! Excellent service in this law firm that’s worth your money.

Wonderfully well personality, full of kindness and tremendous professional and truly the best choice for your problem solving

Susan Karpa is one of the best lawyer in Calgary. My experience with Susan was absolutely great! She is highly professional, focused and gave the best favourable result in my case. She honestly answer all my questions and gave me time to time updates. I highly RECOMMEND to all who need good and sincere legal representation. Thank you so much once again Susan!

Susan is incredible and gave me great counseling throughout my process.

Susan Karpa was an excellent choice to hire for me. She is very kind, caring and extremely experienced at her craft. She got me out of a DUI and when she called me with the good news I was overwhelmed. I appreciate all the work and effort she put in and wish her best of luck.

I started as probably many would these days looking through the lists on the computer, not being impressed by some of the other peoples comments of golf and leisure activities, I was looking for someone on the ball and aggressive to defend me. Susan was active and accessible through her blog, giving advice to all.
I was very impressed from the word go a when I first went looking for a criminal defence lawyer. I looked at her legal history in the prosecution side and education back ground.
Susan contacted me back within hours of my initial contact and was very helpful throughout the legal process, she let me know what would be happening as things proceeded and what wouldn't be.
Susan is very well versed in her job as criminal defence and I would recommend her to anyone needing her services.

As we all know, hiring a lawyer can be a challenging and tedious task. I spent an extensive amount of time researching for a lawyer and when I came across Susan Karpa’s website, I was happy to see that she specialized in an area relevant to my matter. Being charged with a criminal offence is life altering – it damages you emotionally and physically and as you are now realizing, the person you choose to defend you in a courtroom is holding your life in their hands.

I can say with absolute confidence that choosing Susan Karpa was the best decision I made. Her execution throughout the entire process was flawless; attention to detail, transparency, consistent communication and masterful experience resulted in a favorable outcome (no conviction) that gave me my life back.

If you are reading this review – that means you are in the same position I was in 1.5 years ago; I highly recommend Susan Karpa - had I made a different choice, I would not be sitting here writing this review.



I was very lucky that Susan could be my lawyer. She helped me to analyze my matter and gave me right direction. She gave me help in every step. And finally, I got very satisfactory result. Susan is a good lawyer. I would highly recommend her. 5 stars!

Susan was extremely professional, but caring. She dealt with my matter quickly and was very successful. I would highly recommend Susan!

Susan Karpa was amazing while dealing with my sons matter. She was always very quick to respond to our calls/texts etc, and always a pleasure to deal with. Very goodhearted and caring with all of our needs, and questions. Susan is very straight forward and honest when telling you what is going to or could happen. We couldn't have had asked for a better lawyer defending my Son. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for a great defence lawyer.

Best lawyer in town! Very highly recommend. She went above and beyond dealing with my matter.

One of the best lawyers!! Susan exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend her.

Susan is the best prospect for a defence lawyer. My personal experience with Susan was more than fantastic. Her highly professional background as a crown prosecutor gave her the knowledge to grant the best possible outcome for my case. She knew the best and most beneficial road to take throughout my case to allow a positive and life building experience. Thank you Susan for all your amazing hard work!

If you find yourself in a tough situation, this is the lawyer to go to. Always available at any time to answer all your questions. The matter was dealt with as quickly as possible and with the best possible outcome.

Susan Karpa is very professional, and really cares about her clients. I completely recommend her, she's affordable, and she worked wonders for me. She won't let you down.

Susan Karpa is the best defence lawyer. She is kindhearted, supportive and caring. Customer service is a 10/10. Thank you so much Susan. You gave us our best Christmas ever.

Five star review !!! Susan and her associates were not only extremely professional helpful and knowledgable in all matters. I would strongly recommend her to anybody who’s looking for a lawyer

Susan completed my case in a time sensitive manner. She was very helpful and she made the outcome of my case very favorable. Susan was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in the future. 5 stars for sure!!!

I would highly recommend Susan Karpa to be your lawyer. She keeps it very professional and very straight forward that will give you an ease of mind. She is an outstanding lawyer. She pointed me in the right direction and She will help you in every possible way. Working with her is very easy and she will get back to you very fast if you needed an answer to your questions. Highly Recommended if you are looking for an outstanding lawyer!

Susan was a great choice for my case. Professional, efficient and got the best possible outcome for the charges laid against me. Would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks again to Susan and her assistant.

She is an amazing defence lawyer. She helped me in such a professional way. She was so positive and made me feel confident that everything would turn out for the good. Everything turned out just like she said it would. I am overjoyed and very lucky to have her as my lawyer. Thank you so much to Susan Karpa and team that work with, I am so happy

I found myself faced with serious, undeserved, life impacting charges. Right from the beginning, Ms Karpa was focused and organized on getting the details of my case. She was honest and had answers for me right away. Within just a few months, her work proved the best possible outcome, and I was given my life back. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Mrs. Karpa my matter was solved quickly, stress free and with a positive outcome.

I hired Susan Karpa to handle my court case. I'm delighted because she was able to save me from the possibility of going to the jail with an appropriate resolution. With her meticulous attention, persistence, knowledge and strong eye for details, she exceeded my expectation after my court appearance. Ms. Karpa has a strong working relationship with her clients because of her knowledge of the criminal court system. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and others if they need help.

Got charged for a minor offence and was able to speak directly with Ms. Karpa right away. She knew really quickly what we were going to do in order to give my situation the best outcome. I also received a price from her right away and this was what I ended up paying in the end. That part alone was enough to make me write this review as I think it shows credibility when you quote a price and stick to it. Thanks again for everything.

My experience with Susan Karpa was great! She was always available when I needed her and very professional. I was elated when she called me two weeks before our preliminary hearing to tell me the charges had been stayed. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needing good legal representation! Thanks again Susan!

Susan was very professional, thorough and worked hard for my case I would highly recommend her services

Susan: kind, thoughtful, compassionate, understanding, +.

Ms. Karpa: detailed, thorough, intelligent*, professional, respond in a timely manner under high pressure, client-oriented, organized, +.

Susan Karpa: me and mine were lucky to have her. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help in relevant matters.

Susan is organized, articulate and experienced. She effectively secured a withdrawal of charges in my matter, and was very transparent through the entire process. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others in the future.

An impending criminal charge is a highly stressful situation. Susan provided excellent professional defence, removing much of the emotional turmoil from my situation and guiding me through the legal system which I had no previous experience with. She pushed for and achieved the best possible resolution in this case in a timely manner. Susan answered all of my questions promptly and provided me with an overview of exact steps to take to the extent that I was complimented on how well my lawyer had prepared me. I hope to never go through another experience like this, but if I did, I would not hesitate to retain Susan's services again.

When travelling to the US, I was stopped with an unexpected and unknown warrant for my arrest. My request to cross the border was withdrawn and I was taken to CPS where I had lost all hope on what to do or what the outcome of my situation would be... I had then come across Ms. Karpa's website after a couple of days of searching for a lawyer I felt confident in. After speaking to Ms. Karpa she made me feel good about the possible outcome of my charge. She attended my first court appearance and with much surprise she called me and told me the news that my charges had been stayed! I couldn't be more impressed with how fast Ms. Karpa was able to have these charges resolved! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her or return if ever needed! Thank you again for being such an incredible lawyer!

Having Susan in my corner was a pleasure. Susan makes the time to explain all the details as well to ensure that they are understood. Her preparation, honesty and follow through made dealing with my matter very comfortable.