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The Client Benefits of an Exclusive Criminal Defence Practice

Many lawyers in Calgary and throughout Alberta handle criminal cases and drug-related offences, but not as many make them the sole focus of their practice. Calgary criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa doesn't handle anything but criminal law. In fact, she's been working in the Canadian criminal justice system her entire legal career.

Ten years as a Crown prosecutor and now a successful career devoted to the practice of criminal defence has given Susan Karpa the detailed insight needed to provide Calgary residents with the most rigorous defence possible. She doesn't just dabble in criminal defence law, she studies it and practices it every single day.

From minor drug offences and arrests to firearms and weapons violations to accusations of sexual offences and violent crimes, Susan Karpa knows criminal defence inside and out. Few other criminal defence lawyers in Calgary come close to her expertise or her dedication, and few criminal defence clients in Alberta can consider themselves better represented than those who count Ms. Karpa as their counsel.

Whether you've been accused of impaired driving or another criminal driving offence; robbery, theft, or fraud; assault, manslaughter, or murder, Susan Karpa has the case experience and the legal knowledge to defend your rights and protect you and your family's future. Don't roll the dice with a lawyer who practices criminal defence part-time—they simply don't have the focus it can take to get the outcome you deserve.

Put your trust in former prosecutor-turned-Calgary criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa. Put your trust in the experience that only an exclusive criminal defence practice can provide.