The Queen vs. The Defendant

Cases for Possession of Child Pornography and Luring

Cases in 2021

  • R. v. R.D.2021

    The client was charged with one count of possession of child pornography and one count of accessing child pornography. This was a unique case where there were other circumstances that made it so that there were concerns on my part that this would not be a case that was in the public interest for a prosecutor to prosecute. I was able to work with the client to help him to help me negotiate with the crown. I was able to have all of the  charges dropped (no conviction and no criminal record).

  • R. v. R.D.2021

    The client was under investigation for a possible criminal charge for possession of child pornography. I provided legal advice to the client. Ultimately, the police did not charge the client so there was no conviction or criminal record.