The Queen vs. The Defendant


Assaults, Threats, and Harassment

In Canadian criminal law, there are several different types of assaults. The key element to any assault is that it involves an intentional act of violence towards another person, without their consent. 

Sexual Assault & Other Sexual Offences

Sexual assault charges can arise in a multitude of factual circumstances, and can range from sexual assault with a weapon, causing bodily harm, or aggravated sexual assault.

Possession of Child Pornography and Luring

Child pornography related offences can include allegations of possessing, making, or distributing such materials. 

Case Decisions

Drug Offences

Drug offences are taken very seriously and thus are governed by their own legislation called the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

Firearms & Weapons Offences

The use and possession of firearms carry strict requirements for it to be lawful. 

Property Related Offences

There is a wide array of property related offences which commonly include theft, mischief, and possession of stolen property.

Murder & Manslaughter Offences

These are the most serious offences you can be charged with and they carry a potential consequence of life in jail.

Impaired Driving & Other Driving Offences

These charges are relatively common and can have serious impacts on your daily life and employment.

Release Conditions, Probation and Conditional Sentences

Upon being criminally charged, you may have been released either on an appearance notice, undertaking, or release order. 

Release and Bail

Bail is a critical turning point in your case; it can impact your ability to prepare a defence and continue living your normal life until your matter is dealt with by the courts.