Murder & Manslaughter Offences

Murder (homicide) is the most serious of all criminal charges. Manslaughter, first degree murder, and second degree murder mean a potential penalty of life in prison. These prosecutions are serious and complex. Only the best defence should be provided to you.

Successfully defending these charges requires specialized experience and skill. Susan Karpa’s extensive experience with undercover police operations, wiretap, forensic evidence, ballistics and medical evidence can only work to your advantage. Susan Karpa has that experience. While working as a Crown, she prosecuted several of Calgary’s most notorious homicides. Now Calgary criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa takes the wealth of her experience to defend her clients. 

Reaching out sooner rather than later is in your best interests, and you can start with a free, no obligation phone call. For a no-cost consultation with compassionate Calgary defence lawyer Susan Karpa, please contact her office.

R. v. L.M., 2018

The client was charged with second degree murder. The client pleaded not guilty and the matter was set down for trial. The crown agreed to a plea to the lesser included office of manslaughter. The client was sentenced to 11 years in custody. A DNA order and weapons prohibition order were put in place, and a victim fine surcharge was imposed.

R. v. J.S., 2015

The client was charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder, and several other Criminal Code offences. Ms. Karpa negotiated to have the matter resolved and the attempted murder charge was withdrawn/dropped.

R. v. D.C., 2015

The client was charged with manslaughter. Ms. Karpa secured her client’s release on bail pending a trial of the matter.