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Your choice of criminal defence lawyer could change the course of your entire life. Every person accused of a crime is entitled to their day in court, but what the next day brings depends entirely on how well their lawyer prepares their defence. And though there are many criminal defence lawyers in Calgary, they won't all necessarily be able to achieve the same results.

A successful criminal defence demands a complete understanding of the Crown's case, from the legal structure of the charges to the limits of the evidence gathered to the common tactics prosecutors use to achieve convictions. Without a detailed knowledge of the way the Crown will proceed in the criminal court system, a defence lawyer is all but defenceless—and so is their client.

After ten years as a Crown Prosecutor, Calgary criminal lawyer Susan Karpa has turned to defending the people of Calgary and the surrounding region when they've been accused of a crime. With experience on both sides of the courtroom, Susan is uniquely qualified to offer clients a comprehensive defence against any criminal or drug related charge. She'll find the flaws in the Crown's case and make sure you get the full and rigorous defence the law entitles you to.  

If you or a family member has been accused of a crime in Calgary or the surrounding area, you need to contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately. The information on this site can help you learn what to expect, but you can't get help with your specific case until you contact a defence lawyer. Time isn't on your side, but Susan Karpa is. Contact her today.


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Criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa is relentless in her defence of any criminal or drug related offence.

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