With Calgary Legal Aid, Finances Aren't a Barrier to the Defence Lawyer of Your Choice

We know that times are tough, economically speaking, for many families and individuals in Calgary. Unemployment is higher in Calgary than in any other Canadian city, and finances are tight in many households. With many struggling to meet their day-to-day expenses, sudden additional expenses can come as a crushing blow, and many will sacrifice other areas of their lives to avoid additional financial strain.

This can have drastic consequences when it comes to legal issues. Many in Calgary who are confronted with charges of a criminal offence or another legal issue assume that a lawyer would be unaffordable, and they attempt to handle their case on their own. The trouble is, they're up against Crown prosecutors or other lawyers who have spent years studying and practicing the law, and who work in Calgary's legal system each and every day. This, and their overall unfamiliarity with the laws and the criminal justice system, puts those who represent themselves at a serious disadvantage.
With some legal issues, the result is limited to financial harm. Often, the money spent on a lawyer pays itself back many times over in the outcome of a case. When it comes to criminal offences and prosecutions, the consequences of representing oneself can be even more dire: not only financial loss, but years of your life spent in prison, a career potentially ended, families broken apart, and more. This is not exaggeration; these are consequences that those convicted of crimes in Calgary face every day.
An experienced Calgary defence lawyer can help mitigate or even avoid these outcomes. And if you're in financial need, you may be able to get legal representation at low or no cost.
Choosing a Defence Lawyer Through Calgary Legal Aid
Alberta Legal Aid's Calgary office helps those in the Greater Calgary Area who have been charged with serious crimes but cannot afford a lawyer get the professional legal assistance they're entitled to. Not only that, but you can actually choose your own defence lawyer when you work with Legal Aid not only do you get professional legal assistance, but you get a Calgary defence lawyer you truly trust and have confidence in.
Cost should never be a barrier to justice, and your best bet at seeing justice when you've been accused of a crime is to partner with an experienced and dedicated Calgary defence lawyer. Legal Aid can help that happen at a minimal expense sometimes no expense at all giving you the legal guidance you're entitled to without creating a further financial burden on your family.
Your Calgary Defence Lawyer Can Help You With Legal Aid
If you've found a lawyer you'd like to work with, they can actually help you contact and work with Legal Aid, freeing up your time and energy for your work, your family, and your life. For a free initial consultation to discuss your case and gain a better understanding of Legal Aid, please contact my office today.