Facing Assault Charges in Calgary? Get a Defence Lawyer's Advice!

Assault is a far more serious crime than many in Calgary realize. An experienced Calgary defence lawyer lays out the facts you need to know.

Many people charged with assault in Calgary are surprised to learn they've been charged with a crime. Many times, their version of events is entirely different from the version of the complainant (the person accusing them of assault). At other times, they were unaware that their actions could be considered a crime, as explained several times on this blog, there doesn't have to be any actual violence or even any physical contact in order for an assault to have occurred in the eyes of the law.

Just as they are surprised, many accused of assault in Calgary assume that their charge isn't especially serious. If they didn't even know it was a crime, how bad could it possibly be, they reason. Unfortunately, the answer is that it can be very bad, with years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars potentially on the line. Even if you think an assault charge is no big deal under certain circumstances, the law sees it as a very big deal indeed.

Take it from an experienced Calgary defence lawyer: there is no such thing as a "simple" or "minor" assault charge. You should take any criminal charge laid against you very seriously, and you should take your defence seriously, too. And that means partnering with an experienced Calgary defence lawyer.

A Lawyer's Three Top Tips when Facing an Assault Charge

Don't listen to well-meaning friends who tell you your assault charge is nothing to worry about. It's something that could be life-altering, and deserves your full attention. Here are my three top tips for handling your assault charge, built on my years of experience as a criminal defence lawyer here in Calgary.

  • 1. Do not try to resolve things with the complainant. Once the Calgary Police or other law enforcement are involved, and especially once the Crown prosecutor has laid charges against you in the Calgary courts, approaching the person who has accused you of assault in an attempt to smooth things over is only going to hurt your case. Don't discuss the charges or anything else with the person accusing you --do your best to avoid contact altogether.
  • 2. Do not discuss your case on social media. These days, people share everything online. While what you decide to share is entirely up to you in most circumstances, publically discussing your case on social media, whether you're apologizing, making light of the incident, or simply describing your version of events, us all but guaranteed to hurt your case.
  • 3. DO contact a Calgary defence lawyer as soon as possible. Not only is it your right under the law to partner with an experienced lawyer for your defence against an assault charge in Calgary, but it's also the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your future. Get the expertise and the assistance you need from a legal professional who understands what you're facing and can help you identify and explore all of your options as your case proceeds. For a free initial consultation, please contact my office today.