Understanding Domestic Assault Charges and Your Legal Options in Calgary

Many people in Calgary are unaware of the broad nature of Calgary's assault laws and the resulting ease with which people can find themselves charged with a serious criminal offence. According to Canada's Criminal Code, assault includes such acts as blocking someone's way, making a verbal threat of violence, and brandishing a weapon. No actual physical contact has to take place for an assault to have occurred, according to the legal definition, which means many arguments that get a little out of hand can end up with assault charges being filed.

This can occur with domestic arguments, as well. While there are no laws specifically defining domestic assault or "family violence," the same law that defines assault in general applies to assaults that take place between romantic partners and family members. Making a threat of violence, brandishing something as a weapon, or blocking someone's way could be all it takes to find yourself under arrest and facing a serious criminal charge. The impact this can have on your life and your family can be enormous and irreversible.
But it doesn't have to be.
Everyone in Calgary Has the Right to a Defence Lawyer
Whatever the circumstance of your assault charge, you are entitled to legal representation from an experienced Calgary defence lawyer. From the moment you are arrested or made aware that there are charges against you, you have the right to consult with a lawyer before answering questions or providing any other information to the Calgary Police or other law enforcement agents. You don't have to meet with Crown prosecutors on your own, either, and you certainly don't have to face a judge and/or jury in the Calgary Courts without a trusted legal representative by your side.
Your other option is to attempt to defend yourself against your assault charge. Because the circumstances surrounding many assault charges seem so minor, many people assume that the case will be easy to handle and the consequences "no big deal." They are very wrong. An assault charge is quite serious, and you can end up spending years of your life in prison and/or owing thousands of dollars in penalties from what may look like a minor incident. You'll be up against lawyers and law enforcement officers who work within the Calgary criminal justice system every day, and who know the law inside and out without the education and experience that a defence lawyer has, you'll be at a significant disadvantage.
The law defining assault may be murky, allowing many instances to qualify as an assault without any physical contact taking place. The choice of whether or not to partner with an experienced Calgary defence lawyer when you've been charged with assault is, I hope, much clearer.
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