Knowing Calgary's Drug Laws is Your Best Defence

Most people in Calgary probably think they have a pretty good idea of what the drug laws in and around the city say. Many probably think they are safe if they simply do not use "illegal drugs" like marijuana or cocaine. While it is true that avoiding the use of illicit substances will make it far less likely that you will be charged with a drug-related offence, it isn't a guarantee. In fact, it's possible for you to face a drug charge in the Calgary courts for possessing a substance you thought was legal.

Many Pharmaceuticals Can Lead to a Calgary Drug Charge

The concept of a "drug," for many people, involves substances that are only used to "get high" or feel somehow intoxicated, substances that are considered dangerous, that don't have medical uses, and that are strictly and unequivocally illegal. This concept isn't accurate, legally or biologically speaking; any substance that has an effect on your body's blood chemistry, the functioning of your nervous system (as through feelings of intoxication), or any other part of your body can be considered a "drug."

Alcohol and caffeine are drugs, as is the nicotine found in tobacco products. More importantly, from a legal perspective, the prescriptions your doctor and pharmacist provide you with are also drugs, and unlike alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine, many pharmaceutical drugs are included in Calgary's drug laws. Some of these drugs, especially opioid-based painkillers (pharmaceuticals that are either derived from or are chemically similar to opium), are increasingly used as a recreational drug, and like many illegal drugs they have a high risk for dependency.

Even if you have a prescription for Vicodin, Codeine, Norco, or any other of the many different opioids out there, it is possible for you to face a charge for possession of a controlled substance, a drug possession offence. If you obtain more pills than you have been prescribed, or have obtained the substance illegally even though you have a prescription, you may be arrested and charges for possession of drugs could be laid against you in the Calgary courts.

Opioids are far from the only pharmaceuticals included on Calgary's (and Canada's) list of controlled substances. Many other drugs, especially those that have psychoactive properties (an effect on the nervous system and especially on brain function/mental clarity), cannot be legally possessed without a valid prescription from a licensed medical professional. Having someone else's pills in your possession, even if you do not intend to take them, is opening yourself up to potential legal liability.

Contact a Calgary Defence Lawyer for Your Drug-Related Charge

Calgary Police carry out multiple arrests for suspicion of drug-related crimes, including simple possession, every day. It's possible to be arrested on suspicion of drug possession even if you've done nothing wrong. No matter what the circumstances of your arrest, contacting a Calgary defence lawyer with experience defending those accused of drug-related charges is the best way for you to protect your rights and put your charge behind you quickly. For a free initial consultation with a dedicated defence lawyer, contact Susan Karpa today.