Choosing a Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer

Every year in Calgary, well over 1,000 people are arrested for suspicion of impaired driving or "DUI", driving under the influence. Many of those arrested for DUIs in the Calgary area never even bother to contact a defence lawyer, instead attempting to resolve the issue on their own. Perhaps it isn't surprising, then, that the majority of people arrested for a suspected DUI also had their licenses suspended and faced other penalties.

No defence lawyer can guarantee that you won't face penalties following a DUI arrest by the Calgary Police, but there is no question that an experienced, knowledgeable defence lawyer will be able to minimize those penalties, mitigate the disruption to your life that they cause, and in some cases forestall or reverse some of the automatic penalties established by Alberta's impaired driving laws.

Regardless, a good Calgary DUI defence lawyer will take much of the burden of your case off of your shoulders, handling communications and paperwork with law enforcement and court officials and helping you determine a strategy for your defence so you don't have to face your charges alone.

The question is, how do you know the lawyer you're considering is the right one for you and your case? What should you look for when choosing a lawyer? The laws are the same for everyone, so isn't one Calgary defence lawyer just as equipped to handle your DUI defence as the next?

Not All Calgary Defence Lawyers Have the Same DUI Experience

While any lawyer licensed to practice in Calgary is able to take on any kind of case, from a criminal defence case to a personal injury suit to real estate law and more, most lawyers
tend to choose a specific area of the law, such as defence law, to focus on. Many lawyers choose an even narrower focus, working more with certain types of cases than others to build experience in selected areas and possibly to become more efficient and effective in handling those cases.

When you're choosing a defence lawyer for your DUI case, it's OK to ask a prospective lawyer about their previous experience handling DUI cases in the Calgary courts. You can discuss certain details of your case and look for insights and advice that demonstrate the level of attention, knowledge, and care that you would like to see in your legal representation.

Remember, a defence lawyer is there to serve your best interests, and you want to make sure you find someone who is able to do that in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer

For a no-risk, no-obligation, free consultation with an experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyer, contact the office of Susan Karpa today. Her years of work as a lawyer for the people of Calgary have given her keen insight into the workings of law enforcement and the Calgary courts when it comes to impaired driving cases, and she'll make sure your rights are protected and your best interests are served.