Common Elements to Calgary Assault Cases: The Arrest

Facing an assault charge can be an alarming experience. A simple disagreement, argument, or altercation resulting in you being accused of a criminal offence, many of those charged with assault offences in Calgary are so surprised by the suddenness of events and the whirlwind of the criminal justice system that they don't know what to do or where to turn for help in forming a defence against their assault charge.

Partnering with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer who has experience handling assault cases is always your best bet, but a little information can help put you at ease and make this stressful scenario a little more bearable. This series of articles contains some general information pertinent to many assault cases, and may be useful in helping you understand what to expect as your case moves forward.

Remember, all assault charges in Calgary are unique, and no two cases progress in exactly the same way, nor can they be defended using the same defence strategy. For specific insight into your pending assault charge, contact a Calgary defence lawyer today.

When You're Arrested for Assault in Calgary

Many Calgary arrests for assault take place at the scene of the alleged assault or immediately thereafter. A physical fight that occurs in a public place and is broken up by the Calgary Police might, for example, lead to an immediate arrest of one or more people for suspicion of assault. Domestic disputes that result in a call to the police might also end with one or more parties to the argument being arrested for an alleged assault, again either during the incident or as soon as the police arrive.

Not everyone initially arrested for assault by the Calgary Police in such situations will necessarily face an assault charge. With their first objective being to keep everyone safe, law enforcement may arrest or detain some individuals before all of the facts are in. After collecting evidence, including the testimony of those arrested and witnesses to the incident, Calgary Police or other law enforcement officers will determine whether to lay assault charges, if other charges would be more appropriate, or if a release is called for.

If you've been arrested and charged with assault here in Calgary, it is important to exercise your right to contact a Calgary defence lawyer as soon as the police provide you with that opportunity. Doing so will ensure that the process of putting these charges behind you gets underway in earnest from the outset, and that you will be treated fairly by law enforcement and others involved in your case.

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