How a Defence Lawyer Can Help with Calgary DUI Charges: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, you learned that a Calgary DUI defence lawyer can be helpful in defending you against impaired driving charges in numerous ways. For one, a lawyer will be able to take over the paperwork and other day to day elements of your defence, handling the Calgary courts so you don't have to. With greater knowledge of the criminal justice system and prior experience handling DUI defences, the right lawyer can help your case progress more quickly and effectively while taking the stress of managing your case off your shoulders.

Your Calgary DUI defence lawyer will also be able to help you and your family face your charges and your case with greater confidence. By answering your questions and giving you a better understanding of what you can expect as your case progresses, your lawyer will enable you and your family to continue with your day to day lives without the worry and uncertainty of your charge hanging over your heads.

And that's not all your Calgary DUI lawyer can do for you.

A Calgary DUI Lawyer Can Plan a Better Strategy for Your Defence

A defence lawyer's primary obligation to their clients is to present the most rigorous defence possible under the law. This is also one of the primary benefits you get when you partner with an experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to develop and pursue defence strategies you might not otherwise have been aware of, and will help you see different avenues that can lead to more advantageous outcomes.

If your DUI charge is related to an alcohol or substance abuse problem, your Calgary defence lawyer might be able to guide you towards treatment programs and steer the courts away from a criminal prosecution. Regardless of your unique circumstances, an effective lawyer will be able to plan a defence that gives you the best chance at putting your impaired driving charges behind you quickly and completely.

Your DUI Defence Lawyer Will Talk to Crown Prosecutors for You

In addition to planning and carrying out an effective defence against your DUI charges, your Calgary defence lawyer will be able to have many of the tough conversations with Crown prosecutors and law enforcement officers for you. The DUI defence process and the people involved in it can be intimidating, especially to those who don't have experience with the criminal justice and court systems in Calgary. Your lawyer will be able to hold many discussions on your behalf, and will be by your side to advise you when you need to respond to law enforcement enquiries.

Your DUI defence lawyer is your advocate and your partner, and will put you on equal footing with those who are laying a DUI charge against you.

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