Your Rights When Charged With a Drug-Related Crime in Calgary: Part 1

If you believe what you see in the Calgary media and what you hear from the Calgary Police drug-related offences are the cause of much of Calgary's crime. Not only that, but a rather sketchy connection has been drawn by these sources between drug-related offences and violent crimes in Calgary, including shootings and other gun crimes.

In reality, the vast majority of drug users in Calgary are completely peaceful, and many have no criminal record and aren't engaged in any other criminal activity at all. Many people who choose to use drugs recreationally are positive and productive members of the Calgary community, and contribute to the prosperity of our city and all the people in it. If there is any connection between drug use and violent crime, it exists because our drug laws are outdated and create and illegal market for substances grown adults in Calgary choose to ingest.

As misguided as Calgary and Canada's drug laws may be, they are the laws we have to contend with. But just because drug possession and other drug-related activities have been deemed criminal doesn't mean you automatically lose your rights when you've been charged with a drug-related crime. No matter what the media and the Calgary Police say about drugs or those who have been charged with drug-related crimes, everyone in Calgary has certain rights that they are entitled to no matter what. As your Calgary criminal defence lawyer, these are just a few of the rights I will ensure are protected as your drug case progresses.

You Have the Right to be Presumed Innocent When Charged With ANY Crime

When you have been charged with a drug-related crime in Calgary, or any crime at all at that matter, you have the right to be treated as innocent unless and until you are found guilty in a Calgary court. This right is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and is a foundational part of the criminal justice system in any democratic nation.

Though the Calgary Police may not seem to remember this "presumption of innocence" rule, and though even Crown prosecutors might talk to you as if you are guilty before even listening to you, your Calgary defence lawyer will help to ensure that you are treated fairly. Don't let the stigma created by the media dissuade you from sticking up for yourself when drug-related charges have been laid against you—the law says you're innocent until proven otherwise, and your lawyer will be in your corner to make sure the law is upheld.

Contact a Calgary Defence Lawyer to Protect Your Rights Today

Another right that is central to a free and fair criminal justice system, and that is enshrined in the Charter, is the right to consult with an experienced criminal defence lawyer whenever you've been charged with a crime. For a free initial consultation with one of Calgary's most dedicated drug defence lawyers, please contact the office of Susan Karpa today.