How a Defence Lawyer Can Help with Calgary DUI Charges: Part 1

Calgary's DUI laws make it all too easy for anyone to find themselves facing an impaired driving charge. It has even been argued that the DUI laws enacted throughout Alberta several years ago violated certain key provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, with automatic penalties and broad investigative powers for the Calgary Police and other law enforcement officers that could be deemed excessively intrusive. Yet, so far, these DUI laws have been upheld, and these are the DUI laws you and everyone in Calgary has to contend with.

You don't have to face these DUI laws or any impaired driving charges in Calgary alone, though. One of your Charter rights that Alberta's DUI laws can't touch is your right to consult with a knowledgeable defence lawyer any time you've been charged with a crime, including a DUI. A lawyer with a long track record of successfully handling DUI cases in the Calgary courts can bring a wealth of experience to bear on your behalf, and can help assist in your defence in numerous ways.

If you've been charged with a DUI in Calgary, an experienced DUI defence lawyer should be your first phone call. Here are a few reasons why.

A DUI Defence Lawyer Knows How the Calgary Courts Work

One of the most basic yet important ways a defence lawyer can help you when you're facing a DUI charge is by making things move more quickly, efficiently, and effectively through the Calgary courts. A lawyer who has already handled numerous DUI defence cases in the past will be familiar with all of the relevant procedures, paperwork, and other details of moving a DUI case from an initial charge to an official conclusion.

While it may seem minor to those who haven't been charged with a DUI, those who have been through the process can tell you that the workload can be very stressful in and of itself. When you add in the fact that your life could be seriously disrupted if everything isn't handled promptly and correctly, the job of raising even the most basic defence against a DUI charge becomes even more daunting.

A lawyer will handle this aspect of your DUI defence so you can keep living your life while your case progresses.

Your Defence Lawyer Can Answer Questions and Keep Your Calgary Family Confident

Just as an experienced DUI lawyer will be able to use their knowledge to make things go smoothly through the Calgary courts, their knowledge will help you and your family face a DUI charge with greater confidence. You'll be better able to plan for the future and face your day to day life with more head up, as there will be fewer worries and uncertainties for you to contend with.

If you've been charged with a DUI in Calgary and would like a free initial consultation with an experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyer, please contact my office and get answers to your questions today.