How a Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer Can Help

There's no such thing as a "minor" DUI or impaired driving charge not when you're the one facing the charges and the potential punishments. Even an administrative penalty can be a major disruption to your life and your livelihood, and can cost you a significant amount financially and in terms of the stigma it carries.

A criminal DUI charge is an even larger problem, and can cause a significant amount of stress and practical hardship. When you or a close family member is facing a criminal DUI charge, you're contending with a possible jail sentence, the loss of your vehicle for weeks or more, substantial monetary fines, and more.

Fortunately, the law does give you something to fight back against DUI charges. In addition to the harsh penalties that have been implemented in Calgary DUI cases, the law also gives you the right to consult with an experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyer. Making use of that right is one of the smartest things you can do for your impaired driving case.

Here's why.

Automatic DUI Penalties May Be Avoided

Alberta's impaired driving laws include automatic penalties that are supposed to take effect immediately upon your arrest or charge for a DUI. Before you've even had a chance to enter a plea in a Calgary court, you can find yourself with a suspended license and an impounded vehicle, simply on suspicion of a DUI.

When you contact an experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyer immediately upon your arrest, they may be able to help you avoid those automatic penalties. The sooner they start talking to law enforcement and Crown prosecutors on your behalf, the sooner your DUI defence begins and the better chance you have at minimizing the disruption to your life.

An Experienced Calgary Lawyer Provides a DUI Defence Roadmap

While every impaired driving case in Calgary is unique, there are certain common elements in the law, the rules for evidence, and law enforcement procedures that an experienced lawyer can bring to bear in planning your defence. While most Calgary citizens and even many Calgary lawyers would find themselves confronted with a wholly unfamiliar legal situation, an experienced impaired driving defence lawyer will be able to help you plan a more effective strategy.

All else being equal, more experience means a more effective defence. Why face your DUI charge alone when the law entitles you to professional, experienced assistance?

Having a Lawyer Handle Your Defence Leads to Less Stress
It isn't just the potential punishments of a DUI conviction that make an impaired driving charge disruptive. The process of fighting your DUI charge can also take its toll, and can require a significant amount of time you may not have. Partnering with a Calgary DUI defence lawyer means you don't have to shoulder the burden of your defence and all of the related paperwork, filings, responses, and more, by yourself.

You don't deserve to have your whole life thrown into disarray by an impaired driving charge. For a free initial consultation with one of Calgary's most dedicated DUI defence lawyers, please contact my office today.