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The holiday season and all year 'round, a knowledgeable Calgary defence lawyer is always the right choice when you've been charged with a crime.

It can be hard to concentrate on the joy of the holiday season if you're facing a criminal charge. The consequences of a conviction could be quite serious, and the day-to-day stress of trying to mount your own defence can leave you with little time for anything else—and often, little hope for the future.

I won't go so far as to say the system is purposefully stacked against you, but as a dedicated criminal defence lawyer and former Crown prosecutor here in Calgary, I can tell you without question that most people who are charged with a crime are woefully underprepared when it comes to defending themselves with the Calgary Police and in the Calgary courts. It's not their fault; law enforcement officers and court officials work within the criminal justice system every day, while most of those accused of crimes have no prior experience with the system at all.

Though the lack of knowledge is not the fault of the accused, it still puts them at an extreme disadvantage. Those who try to defend themselves often make may mistakes that can ultimately lead to a needless conviction and/or harsher penalties than they may have otherwise faced. That's why a defence lawyer who knows the Calgary criminal justice system is the perfect "gift" for yourself or a family member charged with a crime no matter what the season.

A Good Calgary Defence Lawyer Brings Experience and Takes Responsibility

When you partner with a Calgary defence lawyer who has spent years defending others accused of crimes just like yours, you're leveling the playing field with the Crown prosecutors pursuing your case through the Calgary courts. You deserve to have someone defending you who has as much experience as those trying to convict you, and that's something no one but a practicing Calgary defence lawyer can offer.

You also want a defence lawyer who takes the responsibility of your defence seriously. Literally years of your life could be on the line, and managing your case as it progresses is also time consuming and often tedious. Your Calgary defence lawyer should shoulder the bulk of that responsibility, allowing you to get on with your life and providing you the best possible chance of moving forward and putting your charges behind you quickly and completely.

Everyone is entitled to consult with a lawyer whenever they're facing criminal charges. It is a right guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and is a right you can and should avail yourself of no matter what crime you've been charged with and regardless of the circumstances surrounding your charge.

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Time is important when it comes to mounting an effective defence. The sooner you have a defence lawyer working on your case, the stronger your defence will be. For a free initial consultation, please contact my office today.