A Calgary's Lawyer's Guide to DUI / Impaired Driving Defence: Part 4

In this handy guide, a leading Calgary DUI defence lawyer recaps her advice on the laws, penalties, and defence tactics everyone should know.

Staying on the right side of Calgary's DUI laws can be harder than you might think. And once you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, even if it's through no fault of your own, you're up against some severe penalties that can constitute a major disruption to your life and may even permanently change its course. That's why partnering with an experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyer is typically in your best interests, they know the law and the Calgary criminal justice system, and can help you put your DUI charge behind you as quickly and completely as possible.

I've provided more details on Calgary's impaired driving laws, the penalties for ending up on the wrong side of those laws, and how to put forward the best possible defence in previous installments of this guide. This post provides an overview of the most important information in this DUI defence guide, the information everyone in Calgary should know when it comes to Alberta's impaired driving laws and Calgary's law enforcement.

How Calgary Law Defines DUIs
For DUI charges involving alcohol, a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .05 or greater but less than .08 can lead to an impaired driving infraction. A BAC of .08 or greater can result in a criminal DUI charge. DUI charges can be laid against you even if you were driving completely within the bounds of the law, under the law, driving while intoxicated is a crime in and of itself, and no other infraction needs to be committed for a law enforcement officer to request a roadside sobriety test.

For DUIs involving drugs other than alcohol, including prescription drugs and recreational drugs that may alter your judgement and/or behavior, any amount of the drug in your system can potentially lead to an impaired driving charge. Both law enforcement and the Calgary courts have a great deal of leeway in laying and pursuing charges in this regard.

Potential Punishments for a DUI Conviction in Calgary
Even a non-criminal DUI can have serious consequences. Your license can be suspended and your vehicle impounded, you can face a significant monetary fine, and you may be required to attend safe driving courses. For a criminal DUI, you face all of these potential penalties including the mandatory suspension of your license from the moment you are charged, as well as up to a year or even more in jail.

DUI charges are very serious, make no mistake, and the consequences of being charged, let alone convicted, can be severe.

An Experienced Calgary DUI Lawyer is Your Best Defence
No matter what the circumstances of our DUI charge, you're facing law enforcement officers and Crown prosecutors who deal with similar cases all the time, in a criminal justice system that most people in Calgary rarely, if ever, encounter. You need a knowledgeable partner by your side to give yourself the best chance at putting your impaired driving charge behind you quickly and completely.

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