Choosing Your Own Defence Lawyer Through Calgary Legal Aid

Most people charged with a crime in Calgary are facing one of the most stressful events in their lives. The possibility of imprisonment and time away from your family, from your career, and from your community is enough to make anyone lose sleep, even in the best of circumstances. For those who are also struggling financially, the cost of mounting an effective defence can add an additional burden that may make the ordeal seem insurmountable.

Legal Aid offers a way for Calgarians without the means to hire a criminal defence lawyer get the legal assistance and the zealous representation they're entitled to at low or no cost. You can exercise your Charter right to consult with a defence lawyer through Legal Aid, and explore options for your defence and your future that you may not have been aware of otherwise.

You don't have to accept whatever lawyer happens to be next on Legal Aid's list, either. You are within your rights to select any criminal defence lawyer in Calgary you want to work with, and Legal Aid will work out the arrangements to ensure your professional legal representative is there to stand by you throughout your case.

How Legal Aid and Your Calgary Defence Go Together

Your first step in securing a Calgary defence lawyer through Legal Aid is to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements. Legal Aid generally does not get involved with minor charges; if you are facing a criminal charge for an indictable offence or a summary conviction offence that is likely to lead to jail time if you are convicted, Legal Aid is more likely to accept your case. There are also income thresholds that determine your eligibility to receive assistance from Calgary's Legal Aid office.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can contact the Calgary defence lawyer of your choice to see if they will take your case through Legal Aid. Then, when applying at Legal Aid, provide the staff there with the name and contact information for the Calgary defence lawyer of your choice. Your lawyer and the Legal Aid office will work out the rest of the details, then you'll work directly with your defence lawyer to mount the best defence possible for your case.

The lawyer you choose to work with is an important part of your defence, and it shouldn't be left up to someone else. You want - and you deserve - a lawyer you feel comfortable with, and who makes you confident that your rights and interests are being protected in the Calgary courts. It's your future on the line, so make sure your defence case is in the right hands.

Contact a Compassionate Criminal Defence Lawyer Today

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