A Calgary's Lawyer's Guide to DUI / Impaired Driving Defence: Part 3

In this third installment of a Calgary DUI defence lawyer's top advice, learn how to best defend yourself against impaired driving charges in Calgary.

In Part 1 of this article, you learned about the legal thresholds for alcohol and the no-tolerance policy for illegal drugs when it comes to DUIs in Calgary. In Part 2, you learned that penalties can be imposed from the second you are arrested or charged with impaired driving, and that the consequences for a DUI conviction can be very serious. In this installment of a Calgary DUI defence lawyer's ultimate guide to protecting your rights and interests, we'll look at the best tactics for defending yourself against a DUI charge.

The best defence, obviously, is to avoid an impaired driving charge to begin with. As explained in Part 2, however, this isn't always possible, as the Calgary Police can charge you with a criminal DUI based on faulty equipment or other erroneous information. If you find yourself charged with a DUI, for any reason, here's how to best protect yourself from the harsh penalties of Alberta's impaired driving laws.

Cooperate with Calgary Police, But Don't Answer Questions

Under Calgary's DUI laws, you are required to comply with requests by law enforcement to undergo field sobriety tests, including the use of a breathalyzer, and to accompany an officer to an approved facility to provide blood and/or urine tests for controlled substances. Refusing to comply can result in a criminal charge entirely separate from any DUI or other charge.

At the same time, the law says you don't have to answer questions or speak to the Calgary Police at all, aside from providing basic identifying information, until you've had the opportunity to consult with a defence lawyer. Exercise this right. Don't offer additional information, and don't feel compelled to answer detailed questions. Simply state that you want to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible and before answering any questions. Once you've been in contact with your lawyer, they'll be able to take charge of your defence and your dealings with law enforcement and with Crown prosecutors.

Keep Your Calgary DUI Case to Yourself

Posting about your case on social media or discussing it in public forums is only likely to damage your case, even if you feel that the charges you're facing are completely unfounded. You won't get the justice or satisfaction you're seeking by making comments about the police or the court system, and you could end up damaging your case and your reputation in irreparable ways.

Discuss the details of your case with your defence lawyer, and let them handle your defence. They'll be more effective at their job, and you'll be able to get back to your life sooner, when you give your lawyer the information they need and leave the battles for the courtroom.

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