The Queen vs. The Defendant

Cases tagged as Young Offender

Cases in 2021

  • R. v. K.L.2021

    The client was charged with sexual assault. The allegation was that the client, who was not far off in age as to the complainant (they were both young), had forced a sexual touching. The crown offered a period of probation for the young person, and the young person was sentenced to probation after electing to plead guilty to the offence.

Cases in 2018

  • R. v. C.K.2018

    This was a youth matter. The client was charged with criminal negligence in operating a motor vehicle causing bodily harm and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm. The client pleaded not guilty and the matter was set down for trial. Upon conclusion of the trial, the judge adjourned for decision, and later acquitted the client of both charges.

Cases in 2017

  • R. v. J.J.2017

    The client was charged with possession of drugs, obstructing/resisting arrest and escaping custody while he was still a youth. The following year he was charged with a failure to appear. Ms. Karpa convinced the crown to withdraw all charges against the client.