Your Defence Against Special and Common Assault Charges in Calgary

Assault is a broadly defined crime in Calgary and throughout Canada, encompassing all unwanted touching and even including threats of violence, physical intimidation without physical contact, and in some scenarios simply carrying a weapon in a manner that could be perceived as a threat. There are certain circumstances, however, that can result in more specific assault charges, often leading to harsher penalties and a substantially increased risk of serious interruption to your life if you are convicted.

Assault on a peace officer and sexual assault are two of the more common "special" cases of assault. In both types of cases, the same basic rules for defining an assault apply, but if the assault is committed against a law enforcement officer, such as a member of the Calgary police or the RCMP, who is lawfully engaged in their duty, or if the assault is deemed to be sexual in nature, the charges can become much more serious. The same actions that might have resulted in a common assault charge can carry consequences that are much more severe when these special circumstances apply.

You Are Always Entitled to a Calgary Defence Lawyer's Assistance

Whether you have been charged with common assault, assault of a peace officer, or a sexual assault, or any other crime, for that matter, you are entitled to speak to a criminal defence lawyer from the moment you are arrested by the Calgary Police or as soon as you have been notified that assault charges have been laid against you. This is a right available to all in Canada, and is enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

There is often a stigma attached to assault charges, especially sexual assault charges, that can cause those in Calgary accused of these crimes to become withdrawn rather than reaching out for the help they need. Without professional assistance from a knowledgeable, experienced defence lawyer, those accused of assault are far more likely to be convicted and to face serious punishments for acts that may have been unintentional or that they may not have committed at all.

It's easy to find yourself charged with assault in Calgary, no matter how careful you are in your actions. It's also simple to get the assistance you need to face your charges head on, with confidence that your rights and interests are being protected.

Contact Calgary Defence Lawyer Susan Karpa for Your Assault Charge

Former Crown prosecutor and aggressive Calgary defence lawyer Susan Karpa has years of experience handling assault cases, and is dedicated to helping all of her clients see the best possible outcome from their case. If you or a family member has been charged with assault, no matter what the circumstances, contact her office today for a free initial consultation. Get answers to your most pressing questions, and start developing a strategy for your defence that puts you back in control of your life.

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