Criminal Defence Law and Your Calgary Assault Charge

A criminal assault charge can arise in Calgary from a variety of circumstances. Domestic conflicts, sports debates that get a little more heated than you intended, even a gesture of intimidation that you didn't intend, the way the law is written, it is easy to stumble into an assault charge practically anywhere. You can even find yourself facing criminal charges simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, such as when a fight breaks out at a nearby table in a Calgary bar, or when another's violence requires you to defend yourself.

The assault laws in effect in Calgary are so broad, in fact, that it can often seem that they are stacked against you. When a verbal threat of violence or even an intimidating gesture is grounds for an arrest by Calgary Police and a common assault charge in Calgary courts, your defence against these charges can seem a David and Goliath affair.

A Calgary criminal defence lawyer is your slingshot.

Calgary's Criminal Defence Law Entitles You to Legal Representation

In addition to often seeming insurmountable, many common assault charges in Calgary can seem relatively minor. Indeed, many cases of assault are charged as summary conviction offences, which carry maximum penalties of six months in jail and/or $5,000 in fines, penalties that do not seem to disruptive when viewed in the abstract. When you are actually facing losing a half-year of your life to a jail cell and a significant sum of money for a crime you may not be guilty of, though, the severity of these penalties becomes quite clear.

Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms recognizes the significance of even the smallest criminal charges, and entitles you to representation by a knowledgeable and licensed criminal defence whenever you've been charged with any crime, including a common assault charge in Calgary. Contacting a Calgary criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible after you are detained, arrested, or charged with assault means you'll have experienced legal assistance by your side at the earliest opportunity. This can give you access to information and opportunities you might not have known were available to you, and can help you form a more effective defence on your behalf.

The law, in other words, attempts to find a balance between bringing those responsible for real assaults to justice, and giving everyone accused of an assault the chance to demonstrate their innocence or to otherwise mount a defence that limits their culpability. Broad assault laws cast a wide net, and the broad protection of a criminal defence lawyer that you're entitled to ensures that the net is fairly used and doesn't ensnare law-abiding Calgarians caught in a tough situation.

A Criminal Defence LAwyer for Your Calgary Assault Charge

If you've been charged with assault in Calgary, or simply detained on suspicion of common assault, you're entitled to speak to a Calgary criminal defence lawyer at the earliest practical opportunity. Contact Susan Karpa to get the immediate legal assistance you're entitled to.