Your Best Defence Against a Calgary DUI

I've written before about the broad license Calgary Police and other law enforcement agencies have when it comes to detecting and investigating cases of impaired driving. From setting up DUI checkpoints, stations along Calgary's streets where they stop all drivers, without any probable cause, and administer sobriety tests, to being legally entitled to ask drivers stopped for other alleged infractions to perform roadside sobriety tests and/or submit to breathalyzer analysis, the ability for law enforcement to investigate a potential DUI is more extensive than their ability to investigate many other crimes.

And make no mistake: if you're driving on Calgary's roads with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 or greater, you are committing a crime, not just a traffic offence. The penalties for a criminal impaired driving charge are also something I've written about extensively; their automatic nature means you'll face a license suspension and the loss of your vehicle simply when you are arrested for a DUI, before you have even had a chance to mount a defence. You can also spend up to a year and a half in jail if you're convicted, and face substantial financial penalties as well.

There's also the fact that driving while impaired by alcohol or other substances puts you and everyone else on Calgary's roads at extreme risk, dramatically increasing your chances of being involved in an accident and both receiving and causing serious injuries, not to mention the potential for property damage that you will be liable for.

In short, impaired driving charges and driving under the influence are no laughing matter.

So, with all of that in mind, I thought I'd take a moment to give you the perspective of one Calgary DUI defence lawyer when it comes to your absolute number one best defence against a Calgary DUI charge:

Don't drink and drive!

If you've had even a single alcoholic beverage, or have ingested any amount of any mind-altering substance, your best bet is to avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. You might not feel buzzed, and you may even be in complete control of your faculties, but the legal risk you're exposed to is still substantial. Remember, the Calgary Police can require you to undergo a battery of roadside sobriety tests, submit to breath analysis, and in some cases even to accompany them to a law enforcement facility where they can conduct blood and/or urine analysis to determine if there is any intoxicant present in your system.

Even if all the tests come back negative and you aren't charged, this can present a major inconvenience. If you are charged, you can face even more significant inconveniences while your case makes its way through the Calgary court system, despite the fact that you may be found not guilty of the charges. If you're convicted, the problems only get worse.

After a DUI Charge, a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer is Your Best Option

If you've already been charged with a DUI in Calgary, then it's too late to put your best defence to work. Contacting a Calgary DUI defence lawyer like Susan Karpa and getting professional legal assistance from the moment you are arrested is now your best option, and something you're entitled to under the law. You can schedule a free initial consultation today, so call now and get the assistance you deserve.