Targeted Shooting Not Related to Calgary Gangs, Police Say

Calgary's most recent shooting, which left a female victim dead and a male victim missing and presumed in hiding, does not appear to be gang related according to Calgary Police.

The shooting was not random, however, and one or both of the victims appears to have been the specific target of this violence. As the investigation, including the search for the male victim, is still ongoing, Calgary Police have not issued any further details regarding the potential motive for the shooting.

The majority of gun violence Calgary has experienced in its recent history has been gang-related, and only gang members and others affiliated with rival gangs have been targeted in shootings. Last month, a man long suspected of having ties to Calgary's FOB and FK gangs was shot outside his Calgary home, and other shootings have also been ascribed to conflicts between gangs.

Shootings that are not gang related are increasingly rare, and it should come as some solace to the Calgary public that random violence is still decreasing. Again, this attack appears to have been planned against a targeted victim regardless of the lack of gang affiliation, meaning the average Calgary citizen has nothing to fear in wake of this news.

Despite instances such as these, Calgary remains one of the safest cities in Canada and throughout the world, and the overall crime rate in the area continues to fall. As gang outreach and other community programs continue, we can expect to see further reductions in the violent crime rate.