Why Defence Lawyers Matter in Calgary Common Assault Cases

Common assault is a charge that is all too, well, common, in the Greater Calgary Area and throughout the province. The problem isn't that violent altercations are such a commonplace occurrence in the lives of most Calgarians, but rather that the Alberta law defining common assault is so broad. This problem has been discussed in previous articles on this site, but simply put, almost any unwanted touching or even the threat of unwanted physical contact can be deemed a common assault, and can result in a criminal charge.

Because common assault charges are seen so frequently in the Calgary courts, and because these assault charges can result from such minor incidents, many of those accused of common assault in Calgary feel they can handle their own defence. Add in the fact that most common assault cases are tried as summary conviction offences, in which the trials move faster and are generally simpler, and it's easy to see why many in Calgary charged with common assault don't feel they need a defence lawyer.

A little knowledge, as they say, is a dangerous thing. When you understand more about these cases, the laws behind them, and how common assault trials, even summary conviction offences, progress in Calgary's courts, you'll understand why partnering with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer is often in your best interest.

A Calgary Defence Lawyer Brings Experience to Your Assault Case

It's true that common assault charges can arise out of very simple circumstances, and that this is one of the reasons such charges are so common in the Calgary courts. But that doesn't mean they're easy to defend against, indeed, the fact that they're so common makes a compelling argument for hiring an experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer.

With literally thousands of common assault cases charged by the Calgary Police and brought before Calgary judges every year, practically every officer of the Court, from law enforcement personnel to Crown prosecutors to judges, has a mountain of experience handling common assault cases. The average person in Calgary accused of common assault has no prior experience, and is very much at a disadvantage as a result. Even though common assault trials might be seen as routine in the Calgary criminal justice system, it's a routine accused persons aren't used to, and one that can result in a loss of liberty and significant fines, as well.

Partnering with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer who has handled common assault cases before helps put the accused on an even playing field. Defence lawyers bring experience to the accused, matching the experience of law enforcement and the prosecution. Furthermore, a good criminal defence lawyer approaches each case uniquely and never as a matter of routine, ensuring a personal defence that is tailored to every case.

Contact a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer for Your Common Assault Charge

When you've been charged with common assault in Calgary, there's plenty that a criminal defence lawyer can do to help you and improve the outcome of your case. For an experienced Calgary assault defence lawyer, contact Susan Karpa today and get the helping hand you deserve.