A Great Time to Be a Calgary Defence Lawyer

I've said it before and I'll happily say it again, I love my work as a criminal defence lawyer here in Calgary.

The more cynical reader might think that Calgary's low and falling crime rate would make this a less-than-ideal time to practice criminal defence law in the city, but the simple truth is that I enjoy a safe and stable city just like anyone else.

I go to work as a lawyer every day to make Calgary better and more secure for everyone, and I take pride in a lower crime rate as evidence of a society that is more balanced and has more opportunities for everyone.

The changing legislative landscape in Canada also makes this an exciting and important time to be practicing criminal defence law in Calgary. Fears regarding terrorist attacks, cyber crimes, and other potentially exaggerated threats have prompted some lawmakers to push for broader powers for law enforcement, arguably at the risk of certain civil liberties.

I feel it is my duty to defend Calgary against intrusive legislation just as much as it is my responsibility to defend those accused of crimes against the charges they face. It is a duty I am proud to take on, and I am happy to serve Calgary in the capacity of a criminal defence lawyer as well as in my capacity as a knowledgeable legal professional, who can provide information and advice to those in Calgary beyond my client list.

That's why my blog stays full of information for all of Calgary, and while I'll continue to update and add to that information as times keep a-changing.