Why Defence Lawyers Matter in Calgary and Beyond

I've written plenty here about why I practice criminal defence law here in Calgary, and why I believe defence lawyers are an important part of the criminal justice system.

Defence lawyers help ensure that everyone accused of a crime is treated fairly, and that the rule of law is something everyone, including Calgary's law enforcement officers and court officials, respects and adheres to.

With ongoing changes to national legislation regarding terrorism and its investigation by law enforcement and prosecution in the courts, and with evolving attitudes towards those perceived as criminals in Calgary society, there seems to be a larger purpose to being a defence lawyer in this city as well.

Protecting our community from harming itself.

It isn't just about ensuring that every client I defend gets a fair shake under the law, it's about making sure the legal system as a whole stays fair, stays balanced, and stays away from limiting liberty due to ostensible fears for our security.

As a fully educated and experienced defence lawyer, I have (I hope) a better understanding of the legal implications wrought by evolving criminal justice laws than the average person in Calgary.

With this added expertise comes the added responsibility of ensuring that laws meant to defend the average Canadian citizen actually do defend them. Some new laws, attitudes, and regulations seem geared toward making all citizens of Calgary (and Canada) automatically on the defence; suspects simply because law enforcement labels them so.

That's a Calgary, and a Canada, I hope we can defend ourselves against.