A Calgary Defence Lawyer for Any Assault Case

Assault comes in many forms, and alleged assaults are responsible for a significant portion of arrests made in the Calgary area every year. Whenever you are charged with an assault, no matter what the circumstances and no matter how legitimate you feel the charge is, partnering with an experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer is often in your best interests, and can help your assault case proceed with as little stress and disruption to your life as possible.

Common Assault and Your Calgary Defence

Common assault, sometimes called simple assault, is very straightforward: any intentional, unwanted touching or use of force against another's body, and even the threat of force or a gesture meant to physically intimidate, can warrant a common assault charge. These charges make up the majority of assault cases making their way before the Calgary area courts, and though they may be "simple" when it comes to the charge the circumstances and the law often make them quite complex.

If you don't fully understand the ins and outs of an assault charge and how to respond to Calgary Police and Crown prosecutors, your best bet is hiring a Calgary defence lawyer.

Sexual Assault Under Current Calgary Law

The Canadian Criminal Code no longer directly distinguishes between sexual assaults and nonconsensual touching of a non-sexual nature, any touching that occurs without consent is potentially an assault. That does not mean that sexual assault cases should be approached in the same manner as common assault cases, or that courts and juries view these cases in the same manner. Different evidence can and may be presented in sexual assault cases, and different defence strategies can and should be pursued.

Again, due to the complexities of law enforcement and court procedures affecting sexual assault cases arising in Calgary, a criminal defence lawyer is very often in your best interests.

Calgary Assaults Involving Weapons and Serious Disfigurement

Though the law does not differentiate directly between sexual assaults and other assaults, it does establish varying degrees of assault based on certain circumstances. In Calgary assault cases where a weapon was allegedly used, either to cause injury or as a threat, more severe penalties might result from a conviction. Instances of assault that cause real bodily harm or in which there are two or more alleged assailants also fall under this more serious degree, while alleged assaults that result in serious disfigurement, maiming, or wounding to the complainant can come with a life sentence in prison.

The seriousness of the charges and potential consequences for these most serious Calgary assault cases makes a Calgary criminal defence lawyer essential to an effective defence.

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