Legal Aid Lets You Request your OWN Calgary Lawyer

Getting charged with a crime in Calgary is serious business. The consequences of a conviction can be extremely disruptive, costing thousands of dollars in fines and possibly years of your life in prison, away from your community, your family, and your career. Even when you know you haven't committed any crime, if the Calgary Police and Crown prosecutors decide to proceed with charges against you, you're facing a high-stakes legal battle.

Partnering with an experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer is typically always in your best interest. Having access to a defence lawyer is so important, in fact, that this right is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But hiring a defence lawyer is often beyond the financial means of many accused of crimes in Calgary, which can leave those with less wealth and income at a disadvantage in our criminal justice system a system that is supposed to treat everyone in Calgary equally.

Fortunately, there's a program that can help.

Legal Aid Alberta Provides Defence Lawyers to Low-Income Calgary Citizens

Both adults and youths charged with crimes in Calgary may be eligible for legal assistance through Legal Aid Alberta, which provides defence lawyers for free or at a reduced cost to low-income families and individuals. You can see the current eligibility requirements on the Legal Aid website, where you can also read more about the specific services provided and how the program works.

What you may not know about Legal Aid, though, is that in many cases you are actually able to choose your own Calgary defence lawyer to work with you on your case. Rather than simply being assigned a lawyer, someone you may not feel entirely comfortable with or confident in, you can work with Legal Aid to obtain the services of a specific lawyer you've identified who you would like to represent you in your criminal defence case.

In fact, if there's a defence lawyer you want to work with, that lawyer may be able to help you with your Legal Aid application and help you see your case through from beginning to end. Finding a lawyer that's the right fit for you, who helps you understand your options and pursue the best strategy for you and your family, can make the stress of facing a criminal charge much easier to bear. A lawyer who truly listens to you, who approaches each case with the compassion and individual attention all legal clients deserve, is an invaluable asset to your defence, and you don't have to settle for anything less just because you're using Legal Aid.

Contact a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Today

If you've been charged with any crime in Calgary that carries the potential of imprisonment upon a conviction, Legal Aid Alberta may pay your defence lawyer's fees for you. For a free initial consultation with a dedicated Calgary defence lawyer, please contact my office today to schedule an appointment.