Can a Rowbotham Application Help Me Get a Calgary Defence Lawyer?

No matter how careful, conscientious, and law-abiding you are, it is possible for anyone in Calgary to find themselves charged with a crime. Many charges are quite serious, too, threatening to take years of your life away and potentially ending your career if you are convicted. Raising an effective defence is your best chance at leaving your charges behind you as quickly and completely as possible, and in virtually all cases that means partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable Calgary defence lawyer.

Canada's criminal justice system understands how important it is for those charged with crimes to have access to defence lawyers; the right to consult with a lawyer is even enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter doesn't say that they will pay for a defence lawyer, however in general, hiring a lawyer is the accused's responsibility. Legal Aid can provide you with a lawyer to answer questions, provide advice, and even represent and defend you in a Calgary court, but there are numerous reasons why Legal Aid might reject an application.

This can leave a Calgary citizen facing a criminal charge all on their own, without the free assistance Legal Aid can provide and without the finds necessary to secure representation from their own Calgary criminal defence lawyer. Many might simply give up on their defence, but there is another option.

Your Rowbotham Application Can Secure a Defence Lawyer Paid by the Government

If you've been denied Legal Aid but still cannot afford a defence lawyer to help you deal with a serious criminal charge, you may be able to apply for the government to pay for a defence lawyer of your choosing. You'll need to file what's known as a Rowbotham Application, named after a landmark court case that created this provision for those accused of crimes without the resources to obtain a defence lawyer. This form will need to be accurately and carefully filled out, and will be reviewed to determine if your situation, the crimes you are charged with and your financial position warrant the use of government funds to assist in your defence.

For many in Calgary accused of a crime, there's a lot riding on the success of a Rowbotham Application. Your future could depend on the knowledge provided by an experienced criminal defence lawyer, so ensuring that it's filled out correctly and states your case compellingly is extremely important. In my practice as a dedicated criminal defence lawyer here in Calgary, I may be able to assist you with your Rowbotham Application and make sure you get the professional legal assistance you deserve. Once your Rowbotham Application is accepted by the court, you are permitted to ask for your choice of lawyer when you file the documentation with Legal Aid. I do accept Legal Aid appointments and I do accept post-Rowbotham application files. Call me to discuss your matter to see if I can help you.

Contact a Calgary Defence Lawyer and Get Help Today

No one in Calgary should have to face a criminal charge on their own. Not only does the law entitle everyone to a defence lawyer, but a basic sense of fairness and justice demands that those accused of crimes have a partner who can help them navigate the tangles of the courts and the criminal justice system.

For a free initial consultation with one of Calgary's most dedicated criminal defence lawyers, please contact my office today.