Know the Prosecution and Understand Your Criminal Defence

Facing a criminal charge, a criminal accusation, or even simply being detained by law enforcement can be a frightening ordeal. It can often feel like the world's against you: no one's listening, and no one's standing in your corner.

Criminal defence lawyers are your advocates it's our job to listen and to fight alongside you and for you. It's important to understand who and what you're fighting, though, not only because it makes it easier to achieve the results you want but because it can alleviate a lot of the stress and fear you may live with day in and day out if you've been accused of a crime. Take a few minutes to learn about the role Crown prosecutors play in the [Calgary criminal justice system], and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Criminal Defence Law Starts with Prosecutorial Limitations

The Canadian criminal justice system, in Calgary and everywhere else in the nation, is tasked with determining truth and administering justice. As such, the role that the Crown plays when it comes to bringing and prosecuting criminal charges is that of a fact finder and an interpreter of evidence, not as an advocate for the police or even the victims of crime, and certainly not as an adversary to the accused.

Crown prosecutors' roles and responsibilities are spelled out clearly on the [Alberta Justice and Solicitor General's website], where they cite a famous quote by Justice Rand of the Supreme Court of Canada describing the role of criminal prosecutors. Justice Rand says, in part, "that the purpose of a criminal prosecution is not to obtain a conviction, it is to lay before a jury what the Crown considers to be credible evidence relevant to what is alleged to be a crime." The prosecutor's job is to allow the evidence to speak, nothing more, nothing less.

A criminal defence lawyer does have someone they are advocating for their client, the accused. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a criminal defence lawyer, you'll have a trained professional educated in criminal law and the criminal justice system on your side, working to protect your rights and best interests. Defence lawyers work to defend their clients and Crown prosecutors work to present their evidence.

Lower Your Stress for a Stronger Defence

From accusation to charges and, in some cases, sentencing, the criminal justice system and the Crown prosecutor are tasked with ensuring that you and the facts of your case get the most fair and balanced consideration. Your criminal defence lawyer, meanwhile, will be working to make sure you get the advantage of every questionable piece of evidence, every faulty line of reasoning, and every legal consideration available to achieve the best outcome in your case.

If you have a Calgary criminal defence lawyer you trust on your side, let yourself relax a little. If you still haven't found the right defence lawyer in Calgary to help with your criminal case, contact Susan Karpa today and feel the relief a knowledgeable advocate can bring.