Accused of a Crime in Calgary? 3 Tips From a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Few things in the typical Canadian's life cause more worry and uncertainty than facing a criminal accusation. The aftermath of an accusation can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life: on your employment and income, on your family and loved ones, and on your very freedom and ability to control your own future.

It's little wonder that many people go into "panic mode" when a criminal charge or accusation is brought against them by Calgary law enforcement or in Calgary courts, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here's some information from a trusted Calgary defence lawyer and former Calgary Crown prosecutor that can keep the panic at bay and help your criminal defence case go as smoothly as possible.

1. Don't Argue with Calgary Law Enforcement
As discussed in a previous article, you have the right under Canadian law not to incriminate yourself. You also have the right to contact a criminal defence lawyer and discuss your circumstances before you respond to any criminal accusations made by Calgary police, other law enforcement, or Crown prosecutors. Even if you're sure you did nothing wrong, anything you say could end up hurting your case.

One thing that never helps is trying to argue with law enforcement at the times of a detention, arrest, or accusation. Getting angry, aggressive, or argumentative with the police is not likely to make them go away, no matter how right you may be. Once you've been told what crime you are being accused of and/or detained for, you may ask to contact a defence lawyer to help you navigate the criminal justice system, and this can help protect your rights in the face of erroneous charges. You don't always need a lawyer, but a lawyer will always be more useful than getting into an argument with law enforcement.

An experienced criminal defence lawyer can help you deal with Calgary law enforcement's questions and demands for statements. Panic or a hot temper typically won't.

2. Keep Discussions About Your Criminal Defence Case Confidential
For the most part, your discussions with your criminal defence lawyer regarding your criminal charges are confidential. It's your defence lawyer's job to help you with case strategies and tactics, and keeping those cards close will help keep you from compromising your case. Our social media world encourages sharing every detail of our lives, but criminal charges and defence conversations should stay completely private.

3. Get Support From a Trusted Criminal Defence Lawyer
Facing criminal charges in the Calgary court system can be an isolating affair, and feeling alone is never fun. An experienced, compassionate criminal defence lawyer may be able to give you the support you need to handle the stresses of the criminal justice system, guiding you through the process and offering advice that can ease the burden of an uncertain future. Speaking with a lawyer gives you the benefit of complete confidentiality and real legal knowledge that will protect your rights and your interests.

It's simple, really: when you're accused of a crime in Calgary, don't get aggressive with law enforcement and don't talk about your case with anyone but your criminal defence lawyer. There's no need to panic or to face a criminal accusation alone.