Facing an Assault Charge? A Calgary Defence Lawyer's Top Advice: Part 2

The second half of top tips to those charged with assault, from an experienced Calgary defence lawyer.

In Part 1 of this article, you read this Calgary defence lawyer's top three tips if you're facing an assault charge. First, only cooperate with law enforcement as much as you have to before you talk to your defence lawyer, meaning don't make any statements or answer any questions besides providing basic identifying information; second, be completely honest with your defence lawyer regarding the alleged assault incident and your relationship with those involved; and third don't try to contact the alleged assault victim or complainant to "work things out" on your own this invariably backfires and can end up causing setbacks in your case and maybe even lead to additional charges.

These three pieces of advice are things you should keep in mind when you're facing any criminal charge in Calgary, an especially an assault charge. Putting them into practice can end up saving you years of needless hardship and even imprisonment. Here are two tips that everyone in Calgary should know and use if they're ever charged with assault an all too common occurrence.

4. Keep Quiet About Your Case on Social Media and In Your Calgary Community
We live in an age where people "share" everything online, including many intimate details of their lives. While it might be tempting to post about your assault case on social media explaining your side of the story, or defending yourself against what you may consider to be erroneous charges this is typically a bad idea. Nothing you post will help your defence in the Calgary courts, but everything you post has the potential to be used against you by the Crown prosecutors.

If there's no potential benefit and a significant risk of detriment, why do it? Don't discuss your assault case online or in public at all. Save the discussions for your defence lawyer let them do the explaining and the defending where it truly counts.

5. Contact an Experienced Calgary Defence Lawyer As Soon As Possible
This is sort of a repetition of the advice presented in the very first tip in Part 1 of this article, but it's important enough to bear repeating. The sooner you have an experienced defence lawyer working on your behalf, the more effective your defence will be. When you have a Calgary lawyer on your team from the moment you're arrested and/or charged, there will be no need to make up for lost time or correct mistakes in your defence, they'll be there to build your defence properly from the very start.

Not only will your defence be more effective and more efficient, but you'll also save yourself much of the stress and headache involved in actually preparing and presenting your defence. Your Calgary defence lawyer will handle court filings and other paperwork for you, ensuring that your life isn't unnecessarily disrupted by a missed deadline or incomplete paperwork. One simple mistake shouldn't ruin your life; an experienced defence lawyer will help make sure that doesn't happen.

For a free initial consultation with one of Calgary's most dedicated defence lawyers, with years of experience handling assault cases, please contact my office today.