Defending Against Sexual Assault Charges in Calgary: A Lawyer Speaks Out

Sexual assault is a serious crime, and a serious accusation. A Calgary defence lawyer reminds you: you have rights when you're accused!

If you've been charged or even simply accused of sexual assault in Calgary, make no mistake: you're potentially facing some serious consequences. Not only could you possibly spend months or years in jail, but your life with your family could be forever altered, your career could be set back or ended, and your reputation can be permanently damaged. Both the legal and non-legal implications of a sexual assault charge are significant, and public opinion is often against you from the moment you're accused.

It is different in the Calgary courts, or at least, it's supposed to be. According to your Charter rights, you are to be treated as innocent until you've been determined guilty in a court of law. Yet in many cases, especially sexual assault cases, this right can seem non-existent, with everyone from your employer to the Calgary Police to Crown prosecutors and judges treating you as though you were guilty before you've even had a chance to raise a defence.

Fortunately, the Charter also gives you the right to consult with a defence lawyer in order to protect your other rights and interests whenever you've been charged with a crime—any crime. Including sexual assault. A Calgary defence lawyer with experience handling sexual assault cases can help ensure that you are treated fairly, and that you have the best possible chance at putting your charges behind you quickly and completely.

The Accused Has Rights in EVERY Calgary Sexual Assault Case

Victims' rights are an important part of the criminal justice system and Calgary society. All too often, however, the rights of those accused of crimes are trampled by those rushing to make their support of an alleged victim known. It's important for you to remember that just because you have been accused of a crime, whether it's sexual assault or anything else, you still have rights as well.

You have the right to explain your side of the story. You have the right to present the defence of your choosing in a Calgary court. And you have the right to consult with an experienced defence lawyer who can help you tell your story and choose the best course for your defence. You don't have to face your charges or your accuser alone; not only are you legally entitled to your own selected defence lawyer, but you deserve to work with someone who has your interests at heart - in a system that is often all too eager to ignore your interests altogether.

Don't let a sexaul assualt charge or accusation ruin your life. Mount an effective defence by working with a dedicated and compassionate Calgary defence lawyer, and give yourself the best possible chance at the future you deserve.

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