Defence for Your Calgary Drug Charges

Despite changes in law enforcement attitudes and the legal penalties facing certain drug offences, including charges related to the possession of marijuana, drug offences in Calgary remain a common cause for arrest and for the laying of criminal charges. If you've been arrested for a drug offence in Calgary or the surrounding area, you don't have to face it alone. You are entitled to speak with an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer, who might be able to help you put these charges behind you quickly and more painlessly than many persons accused of drug-related crimes can do on their own.

A Criminal Defence Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Drug-Related Case

Laws restricting the use and possession of drugs and controlled substances are often more complicated than the public assumes, and understanding exactly what charges you're up against, and what penalties you might be facing, requires a fair amount of knowledge that most people in Calgary simply do not possess. Just as every profession and area of human endeavor has specialists who make it their business to know more than the average person, a large part of a criminal defence lawyer's job is staying in top of changing laws and building knowledge that their clients need to make informed decisions.

First, not all drugs are seen as equal in the eyes of the law. There are different "schedules" of drugs and controlled substances that carry different penalties for simple possession offences, and the amount of any controlled substance you are accused of possessing can also impact your case. When it comes to charges involving the illicit sale or trafficking of drugs and controlled substances, the laws can be even more complex. A careful consideration of the facts and the laws pertaining to them is essential to mounting an effective defence against such charges.

Second, not all accused persons are in the same circumstances when they are facing drug-related charges. While the laws of Canada, Alberta, and Calgary apply equally to all citizens, there can be mitigating factors in your case that make a diversion program or even a dismissal more plausible outcomes. Repeat offences can also change the particulars of your case, and might make a defence lawyer especially invaluable. To get the help you need, both in facing charges in Calgary courts and in getting the help you need to keep your life on track, seeking advice from an experienced drug defence lawyer is usually in your best interest.

Talk to an Experienced Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer for Free

Not only is law enforcement required to allow you to speak to a criminal defence lawyer before you answer to any drug-related charges that have been laid against you, you can also take advantage of the free consultation offered by dedicated criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa. Contact her office today and schedule a time to discuss your specific case and the ways she may be able to help, there's no obligation and nothing to lose.