Are Calgary Gang, Drug, and Gun Crimes Related?

Calgary Police suspect three recent gun crimes are connected to gang-related activity in Calgary and potentially to drug-related offences connected to two of Calgary's largest gangs. Though police have not yet confirmed these suspicions, their analysis is based on past crime patterns in the capital City of Calgary.

Though violent crimes throughout Canada have fallen in past years, Calgary has experienced a slight rise in this type of crime. This is despite the fact that gang activity in the city has been greatly reduced due to law enforcement efforts and, perhaps more so, due to an increase in the availability of diversionary programs aimed at keeping Calgary's youth away from gangs.

Gun related crimes in Calgary have, in the past, been associated with gang activity. It is this relationship that Calgary police appear to be basing their current assumptions on, in part.

Though these new gun crimes are concerning, the Calgary population at large is not considered especially at risk given the presumed association of these crimes with gang activity and rivalry. They do, however, provide yet another compelling argument to Calgary youths and their families to steer clear of gangs and drug trafficking activities.

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