Defence Against Serious Drug Offences in Calgary

Many of the informative articles published on this site have provided information on drug offences in Calgary, on the laws that criminalize the possession of certain substances, on the public health perspective that has led to changes in the way law enforcement and the Calgary courts pursue many charges for simple drug possession, and on the ways a criminal defence lawyer can help those in Calgary accused of even minor drug charges move on with their lives with minimal disruption and worry.

Not all drug offences are simple, though, nor do they all fall under the public health perspective that has created more understanding and leniency when it comes to drug use and simple drug possession offences. Offences for the sale of illicit substances and for drug trafficking are viewed as far more serious offences than drug possession, and they carry the potential for far more serious penalties, too.

Defining Drug Trafficking in the Calgary Area

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act went into effect in 1996, and though certain sections have been amended in the interim it remains in effect today. In addition to assigning drugs to certain "schedules" or lists of substances based on their perceived danger to Canadian society, this Act defines most drug-related offences from possession to trafficking.

Drug possession remains a commonly-charged criminal offence in Calgary, and is simple to understand: if you have a drug or other illicit substance on your person or in your property, including the unauthorized possession of many pharmaceutical drugs, you can be charged with a drug possession offence. Though Calgary has seen its share of drug trafficking charges, it remains a less common crime and is also less commonly understood.

According to Section Two of the Act:

"'traffic' means, in respect of a substance included in any of Schedules I to IV,

  • (a) to sell, administer, give, transfer, transport, send or deliver the substance,
  • (b) to sell an authorization to obtain the substance, or
  • (c) to offer to do anything mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b),
  • otherwise than under the authority of the regulations."

Furthermore, Section Five of the Act makes trafficking in any substance that is purported to be a controlled substance a crime as well, selling something that is claimed to be a drug or controlled substance, even if it is perfectly legal and innocuous, can still constitute drug trafficking under the definitions given in the Act. That means you can potentially be charged with a serious felony that carries lengthy prison sentences without necessarily handling a controlled substance at all.

A Defence Lawyer for Serious Calgary Drug Offences

If you've been charged with drug trafficking, make no mistake: you are facing a potential prison sentence that could eat away years of your life. You don't have to face this alone, and in fact you're entitled to assistance from an experienced and dedicated Calgary criminal defence lawyer to give you the best possible chance of moving past your drug trafficking charge quickly and cleanly. For a free consultation with a Calgary drug offence lawyer, contact Susan Karpa today to get the help you deserve.