A Defence Lawyer for Those Accused of Calgary Gang Affiliation

During the height of gang violence in Calgary, Alberta passed new legislation making the definition of a criminal gang much broader, and making it far easier for Calgary police and other law enforcement agencies to bring a charge of gang affiliation against those who otherwise could not be accused of any crime. This makes it especially important for Calgary citizens to understand gang laws, and to understand their rights when it comes to a defence against criminal charges of gang involvement or gang affiliation.

The Reasoning Behind Calgary's Gang Affiliation Laws

When gang activity, including violence related to gang wars, was at its height, law enforcement agencies in Calgary and around the province decided they needed to make it easier to pursue gang leaders and others who helped gangs stay powerful by providing support, even if that support was otherwise legal. Alberta's lawmakers gave law enforcement what they wanted, and now any activity that materially contributes to the activities of a group identified as a gang can be grounds for a criminal charge.

Whether or not this legislation and the broader powers of the Calgary Police and the RCMP have been successful in fighting gang activity is a matter of debate; the combination of a few unrelated arrests of high-profile gang leaders combined with better social programs for Calgary youth at risk of gang involvement is likely more responsible for the reduction in gang membership, gang activity, and gang violence in Calgary in recent years. What is clear is that Calgary citizens are now more vulnerable to law enforcement even if they aren't doing anything illegal in and of itself.

A Calgary Defence Lawyer Can Protect You From Gang-Related Criminal Charges

While no lawyer in Calgary or elsewhere can prevent the Calgary Police from laying a charge of gang affiliation against you, a lawyer can help you deal with that charge faster and more effectively than if you tried to fight it on your own. A defence lawyer with experience handling gang-related cases will have much greater familiarity with Alberta's gang laws and with the procedures followed by Calgary law enforcement when it comes to investigating gang suspects. This information will help them formulate a more effective defence strategy.

In many instances, an effective Calgary defence lawyer will be able to have your gang-related charges dismissed before they even reach the Calgary courts. When a case proceeds to trial, the right lawyer will stay by your side and enter arguments on your behalf, providing you with a rigorous legal defence against your charges and working to protect your rights and your interests.

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