Calgary Lawyers and Your DUI Defence

Anyone who drives a vehicle on Calgary's roads is potentially at risk for receiving an impaired driving charge, what is commonly known as a DUI (driving under the influence). Due to Alberta's tough impaired driving laws, the Calgary Police and other law enforcement agencies have broad powers to detect and investigate suspected or potential DUIs, and through errors in police procedure, improperly calibrated equipment, and other issues, it is entirely possible for a perfectly innocent Calgary citizen to be caught up in the wide-flung DUI net.
Whatever the circumstances of your DUI charge, Alberta's laws also carry tough and sometimes automatic penalties; you can have your vehicle seized and even face an immediate license suspension from the moment you are arrested and/or charged with a DUI in Calgary, before you've even had a chance to provide a defence or tell your side of the story.

With such a drastic, and some would say unfair, law enforcement approach to dealing with alleged cases of impaired driving/DUI, it's important that you contact a Calgary defence lawyer as soon as possible following your arrest or charge with a DUI.

How a Calgary Defence Lawyer Can Help with Your DUI Charge

First, you should know that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the highest body of law in Canada, gives everyone who has been charged with a crime the right to consult with a criminal defence lawyer as soon as is practically possible. That means that, aside from providing some basic identifying information to the Calgary Police, you don't have to answer any questions or respond to the DUI charges before you've had the opportunity to consult with a lawyer.

Take advantage of your right to a lawyer!

An experienced Calgary DUI lawyer know the relevant laws, regulations, and procedures backwards and forwards, providing expertise and understanding that the average Calgary citizen simply doesn't possess. This means a DUI lawyer can show you opportunities and defence strategies you might not otherwise have been aware of, giving you a better chance at putting your impaired driving charge behind you as quickly and completely as possible.

In addition, a Calgary DUI defence lawyer will be able to handle questions from law enforcement officers and Crown prosecutors for you, handling all of the paperwork and other procedural elements of your case while you get back to your family, your career, and your life.

A lawyer makes the impaired driving/DUI defence process less stressful and less impactful, so you aren't faced with a major disruption in your life due to a single mistake, whether that mistake was made by you or by someone in law enforcement.

Contact a Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer Today

If you or a family member has been charged with impaired driving/DUI in or around the Greater Calgary Area and you would like a free initial consultation with an experienced Calgary defence lawyer, please [contact the office of Susan Karpa today.] ( Get the help you deserve, and put the law to work for you!