3 Facts About Drug Charges Your Calgary Defence Lawyer Wants You to Know

Though drug abuse is becoming increasingly seen as a public health issue rather than a criminal justice issue, drug offences remain among the most common type of criminal charge laid against Calgary citizens and tried in the Calgary courts. From marijuana charges to the recent spate of fentanyl arrests to charges related to the possession and/or trafficking of cocaine, methamphetamines, and more drugs are still a big part of the Calgary criminal justice system.

As a result, Calgary's criminal defence lawyers and other criminal justice professionals tend to be very familiar with Calgary's drug laws. Other Calgary citizens tend to be less so, but there are some important facts everyone should be aware of. Here are three things anyone and everyone in Calgary should know when it comes to alleged drug offences in the Greater Calgary Area.

1. Any Controlled Substance Can Lead to a Drug-Related Charge
When most people think of "drugs," they think of illicit substances like cocaine, heroin, and other "recreational" drugs that can only be obtained illegally. In reality, many legally-available drugs, i.e. pharmaceuticals such as pain killers, tranquilizers, antidepressants, and more, are also on Canada's so-called schedule of controlled substances. Possessing these drugs without a prescription, selling or transferring them to someone without authorization, or otherwise misusing prescription medication can result in a drug-related charge.

Keep in mind that many of these medications can also be intoxicating; operating a vehicle on Calgary's roads while under the influence of a medication, even a legally prescribed medication, can result in a DUI charge.

2. Addiction is a Medical Problem, and You Can Seek Medical Help
It has taken many decades, but drug addiction is finally being recognized as a medical problem rather than simply a legal issue. The Greater Calgary Area has many treatment programs that can help those addicted to drugs, including alcohol, seek treatment to overcome their problems, and such treatment can have an impact on any criminal charges you are facing that are related to your addiction.

Every drug-related charge in Calgary is unique. To determine your options and the legal implications on your case when it comes to treatment for a drug addiction, speak with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer who has experience handling drug-related offences.

3. Defence Lawyers Provide Passionate Assistance, Not Judgment
Many times, drug offences come not only with the potential for serious legal consequences, but with social stigmas and moral judgments that can affect your employment, your family, and the overall course of your life. One person you should be able to count on to understand your case and your circumstances with compassion and understanding is your Calgary defence lawyer.

Your defence lawyer has one goal when it comes to your drug-related charge in Calgary: seeing you put that charge behind you as quickly and completely as possible so you can make the most of your life with minimal disruption. Whether you suffer from an addiction, made a simple mistake, or are caught up in what you believe to be a law enforcement error, there's no shame in contacting a defence lawyer to help with your drug-related charge.

In fact, it's probably the best thing you can do for your case and your future.

To speak with a compassionate Calgary criminal defence lawyer today, please contact Susan Karpa for a free initial consultation.