What is the penalty for luring a child?

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What is the penalty for luring a child?

The penalty (or “sentence”) for child luring depends on the facts of the case and the background of the convicted person. I have separate FAQ on what child luring is and defences to child luring.

If you are convicted of child luring, you will likely go to prison, either a provincial jail or a federal penitentiary. The maximum prison sentence for child luring is 14 years by indictment and 2 years less a day by summary conviction.

If you receive a prison sentence of less than two years, you will serve your sentence in a provincial jail, and may receive a term of probation after your sentence, which will have certain conditions that you must follow. If you receive a prison sentence of two years or more, you will be imprisoned at a federal institution.

In addition, you will be subject to court orders requiring you to provide your DNA information to be kept in a federal database, and you may be required to comply with the requirements of the Sex Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA), and with other court orders, like an order to not have any weapons.

Your sentence will depend on the circumstances of the offence and offender (you), including aggravating and mitigating factors. Aggravating factors are circumstances that call for a higher sentence, such as a related criminal record. Mitigating factors are circumstances that call for a lower sentence, such as an early guilty plea.