What is domestic assault?

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What is domestic assault?

Domestic assault is really just a charge of assault under the Criminal Code that arises in the context of a domestic relationship such as a spouse, partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend. There is no actual charge of “domestic” assault in the Criminal Code.

Prosecutors treat assaults that arise in a domestic context differently than assaults that are not domestic in nature. In some jurisdictions, such as Calgary, there is a designated Domestic Violence Courtroom where any matter that involves a domestic relationship where charges arise is required to be heard. Those specialized courtrooms often have personnel who deal specifically with contacting complainants to give them updates on the charges that their spouse or partner is facing.

Domestic assault cases are often the product of disputes between spouses, and can have devastating effects on employment, and family law proceedings.

In some cases, domestic assault charges can be dropped or withdrawn with effective legal representation, leaving clients without criminal convictions. Contact me to discuss your domestic assault charge today!

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