What are peace bond conditions?

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What are Peace Bond Conditions?

Peace bond conditions are the court-ordered rules that must be followed by the person who has entered into the peace bond.

All peace bonds require the accused person to:

  • “Keep the peace and be of good behaviour,” which, in Alberta, means not committing crime.
  • Appear in court as required.
  • Report to probation as directed and tell probation about any change in name or address.

Other peace bond conditions will depend on the kind of peace bond and the overall situation. Here are some common additional peace bond conditions:

  • Not contact named person(s) (usually the complainant) (“no-contact”).
  • Not attend within a specified distance of named place(s) (“no-go”).
  • Attend for certain counselling or treatment.
  • Not consume alcohol or drugs not prescribed to you (or not attend any liquor stores or bars; or not be intoxicated in public).
  • Not possess any weapons.

What happens if I do not follow my peace bond?

Every peace bond comes with conditions that you must follow. Not following a condition of a peace bond is considered “breaching” that condition. The consequences of breaching a peace bond depend on the situation you are in, including what condition you breached, how you breached it, and what kind of peace bond you have. I have a separate FAQ about what a peace bond is that describes the different types of peace bond.

Usually, if you breach a condition of your peace bond, then you will be charged with a separate criminal offence (breaching the peace bond), and the government will pursue forfeiture in the amount of money put up for the peace bond.

For example, if you were granted a $2000.00 peace bond with no cash deposit, then you will have to pay the government $2000.00 for breaching the peace bond condition, on top of having to deal with the consequences of the peace bond breach charge.