Specific questions regarding my criminal law practice.

Susan Karpa Criminal Lawyer in CalgaryIf you have been charged or are being investigated, hiring a Calgary criminal defence lawyer is important. I can explain the strategy for fighting these charges, the repercussions of a guilty plea, the nature of a peace bond if applicable, and other related aspects of your charges. Contact us now at 587-888-7149 for a free consultation.

Do you speak or represent anyone in other languages?

While I only speak English, I have competently and successfully defended clients from a variety of countries, backgrounds, and who speak different languages. You have the right to an interpreter in court and language should not be a barrier to you in receiving effective legal assistance.

What is your retainer fee?

Generally, I work on a block fee basis as opposed to hourly so the amount required for your matter will depend upon on the complexity of your matter and amount of work required. This form of billing is more beneficial to you as you can be comforted knowing not every phone call or moment spent with me will be charged to you. You know what to expect up front and can plan your finances accordingly. All the details regarding payment will be set out in our Retainer Agreement.

Do you take Legal Aid files?

Please give me a call to discuss payment options and/or the possibility of representing you through Legal Aid, should you qualify for that service. Rest assured, I give the same level of service and commitment to my Legal Aid clients as I do for my privately retained clients.

Will you do my bail hearing?

If you have not been released by the police and are facing a bail hearing or if you are at the Calgary Remand Centre facing new substantive charges, or new charges for breaching conditions of release or probation conditions, contact me right away so we are able to discuss how best to secure your release. Bail is a very important stage in your journey through the criminal justice system as it can impact your freedom, livelihood, and ability to prepare a defence. Even if you are charged with a serious offence such as murder, I am here to help you and will do my absolute best to fight to secure your release.

Do you do appeals?

I do not take appeal cases, however, if you are looking for assistance or a recommendation, please feel free to give me a call and my office will be able to point you in the right direction.

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