What happens during an initial consultation with a criminal defence lawyer?

If you have been charged or are being investigated, hiring a Calgary criminal defence lawyer is important. I can explain the strategy for fighting these charges, the repercussions of a guilty plea, the nature of a peace bond if applicable, and other related aspects of your charges. Contact us now at 587-888-7149 for a free consultation.

What happens during an initial consultation with a criminal defence lawyer?

Before hiring a criminal defence lawyer, the lawyer will often set up an initial consultation with the prospective client. What happens during those initial consultations will vary from criminal defence lawyer to criminal defence lawyer, but generally speaking a few key subjects will be reviewed with the client.

For myself, I always ask the client to bring with them copies of any paperwork they may have received from police. However, if you are looking to consult with a criminal defence lawyer before charges are laid, for pre-charge advice, then you will not necessarily have any paperwork from the police. 

I will then ask the client questions that will assist me in assessing their case, and to help me focus the consultation on important information that will make the meeting an informative and productive one. I will also ask the client for any relevant background information regarding the circumstances of the allegation. 

Once I have answers to the questions I ask, I will then provide the client with my initial thoughts on the matter, along with outlining for the client what the procedural steps are for the criminal matter, and what choices they may have to make going forward. I will provide preliminary advice and information on the basis of the information provided by the client. 

The initial consultation is also an important step for prospective clients and lawyers alike to determine if each feels comfortable working with the other. Contacting a criminal defence lawyer for an initial consultation is an important first step in ensuring that you have the best possible representation for your criminal charges.

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