How can I get a theft charge dropped?

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How can I get a theft charge dropped?

Having a theft conviction on your criminal record is serious, and you cannot and should not plead guilty to a crime you did not commit. However, fighting a theft charge is stressful and can take years, not to mention a lot of money in legal costs. Most people charged with theft just want the charge to go away – to be dropped. This is sometimes possible, depending on the situation.

Crown prosecutors can only prosecute you if there is a public interest in doing so and a reasonable chance that you will be convicted. These can be complicated legal concepts, and I discuss them in a separate FAQ about getting criminal charges dropped.

More minor theft charges – especially shoplifting charges, which I discuss in another FAQ – are often dropped after the accused completes a diversionary program, such as the Alternative Measures Program or Mental Health Diversion. By completing these programs, you can show the crown prosecutor that there is no public interest in continuing to prosecute you, because you have learned your lesson and repaid your debt to society. These programs are also discussed in the FAQ about getting criminal charges dropped.

Another way to convince a crown prosecutor to drop the theft charge is to show them that they do not have a reasonable chance of convicting you because they cannot prove the charge, or because you have a strong defence. I discuss defences to theft charges in a separate FAQ.