Worried About a Family Member and Calgary Gangs? Get Help!

The word "gang" inspires fear for many in Calgary, but none know just how damaging the idea of gangs can be more than the family and friends of alleged gang members. When you see a family member, a son or daughter, brother or sister, nephew or niece, being accused of gang-related behavior or affiliation with a gang, you have every cause to worry.

Whether or not the allegations are true, there's risk in the association itself, especially with Calgary's gang history.

Fortunately, there's also help for Calgary youth who are at risk for gang involvement, and resources that families can access to help steer potential gang members toward forming better relationships and friendships, and making more positive choices.

The Calgary Police Service runs a program called the Youth At Risk Development Program or YARD that helps kids ages 10-17 who are at risk of gang involvement or may already be involved in gang activity. Through mentorship, counseling, and family support, the YARD program has already helped many Calgary youths and families escape the cycle of gang-related crime and isolation.

There are also other programs provided by the City of Calgary and local organizations that can provide educational support, after-school activities, mentoring, and more.

If the family member you're concerned about has already been charged with a gang-related crime, these programs are still worth pursuing, yet it is also probably in your best interests to contact an experienced Calgary defence lawyer.

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